Thursday, January 5, 2012

For Now...

My mom and dad TOTALLY hooked me up for Christmas with a new camera and all, but I am a little lot slow about actually taking it out of the box.

But I am craving being surrounded by "pretties" having taken all my Christmas decorations down in a timely manner this year.
(Even got the outside lights taken down today. Living in Minnesota, that usually doesn't happen until March. Or April. Okay, maybe even May... But in my defense, we usually have three feet of snow covering all those electrical cords until then!)

And not exactly knowing the etiquette about snagging pics off of Pinterest, that has me swooning on a daily basis, here is an old post.

Hoping to brighten your day, here are some of my favorite things...
Little girls who take baths in a bucket in the garden

Beautiful teacups

Spools of lace
Engagement rings
Homemade nests
My grandma's earring
Engraved silverware
Engraved anything
Old family photos
Little boys who let little girls drive!

Enjoy this weekend that God has provided for us!