Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Lib and Rachie...

As both my sisters are once again going to have babies, I just thought I would let them know we are available for babysitting...

We have a wide variety of positive attributes we can teach your kids.

I should warn you though...

Both the mom
and the dad...
tend to be a little nuts.

But we have creativity going for us. 
Take for instance, paper. 
We run out, no worries.

 We teach the kids to find alternative solutions...
Or maybe even this...
And then we stock up...

                        Comes in handy, especially since now we have indoor plumbing.
 I was starting to get a little worried...

We do tend to be very free spirits around here.
But then again, for some of us,
that might not be such a good thing...

But that does lead us to discipline.
We have that all figured out...
Naughty behavior deserves time in the penalty box.
(Ok, I still maintain that was a clean hit.  That ref needs a trip to the eye doctor)

And if that doesn't work out, we can send you to these guys

 Or maybe a trip here...
And we teach them right away,  you want to eat, you go to work.

Some of us need to work harder though...

We will teach your kids about different cultures.
Got the hill billy thing down pat.
Leprechaun culture.  Got that one too!

(I'm not exactly sure what this one is...)
(But these pics serve as a lesson.  Never leave your boys home alone!  One might never know what you will find upon returning...)

As we are also very fashionable, we will teach your kids about fashion...

Making sure everything matches.

We can even offer your kids free make-overs!

And I can guarantee, your kids will never get bored!

No sled?  No problem...

No inner tube?  Again, no problem...

No equipment?  No problem.
It's all about making do.

And one of the best lessons?  We never take no for an answer.

Just ask Boppa. 
He definitely didn't think he was swimming that night!

*I want to assure you, no children were physically injured in the making of the post.  Mentally?  That just might be another thing.  I may have to shell out a few buckaroo's for counseling!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting ready for St Patrick's Day!

Yes, tonight on my couch is a little boy who looks like this.
And yes, he is waiting for the leprechauns that come visit our house. They mess up our house and turn our milk green, so he has been trying to catch them.  He is sick of doing all that cleaning...

Poor, overworked child...

Earlier tonight as I was searching the internet for fun St. Patrick's Day games, I came across some St. Patrick's Day jokes.  I thought I would try them out on him so he could tell them at school tomorrow. 

That didn't go as planned.

Here is kind of how it went...
Me:  Knock, knock
Him: Who's there?
Irish who?
Irish you a Happy St.Patrick's Day

That went ok, now it was his turn to practice...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Irish who?
Irish, leprechaun, St. Patrick

At this point, Libbie starts laughing...

I told him the punch line again and told him to start over. 
I tried to start him off. Knock knock
Who's there?
No, you are supposed to say knock knock, not me...
Oh, but you said it.
UUGGHH, try it again
No, knock knock
Who's there?
No no no, YOU are supposed to start off with KNOCK KNOCK!
Ok, ok, knock, knock
Who's there?
Irish who?
I wish you mumble, mumble, mumble

I decided to move on to another joke as clearly this one was not going well.

What happend when the leprechaun fell in the river?
He got his clothes wet, (duh mom...)

How on earth did he figure that one out?  It wasn't so funny that way. 
(Not that it was actually funny to begin with.)

 I quickly moved on.
So what do you say to a leprechaun?
The real answer was "How is the weather down there?"

but instead, I got
Tell him not to fall in the river!  (Duhhh again mom...)
How on earth did I not see that answer coming???

(Libbie was now almost going to go into labor early she was laughing so hard...)
At this point, I decided it was just not going to happen, so I left him to make up his own.  And poor Boppa had to sit and listen and answer.

What did the leprechaun do when he fell off the cliff?
Boppa: I don't know.
He should have a trampoline down there, and he should fall on the trampoline and he would jump back up and...and then he... and then... and then...

Then Bo started in.  After about ten minutes of that joke they made it to,
What happened when the leprechaun got run over on the road?
(We couldn't figure it out either)
The firemen and EMT's came and got him.

Clearly, we are not so good at making up jokes,

and as he will be sporting this tomorrow at school,

we are not so good at picking out clothes either!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



image courtesy of better homes and gardens
Where are ya???