Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting ready for St Patrick's Day!

Yes, tonight on my couch is a little boy who looks like this.
And yes, he is waiting for the leprechauns that come visit our house. They mess up our house and turn our milk green, so he has been trying to catch them.  He is sick of doing all that cleaning...

Poor, overworked child...

Earlier tonight as I was searching the internet for fun St. Patrick's Day games, I came across some St. Patrick's Day jokes.  I thought I would try them out on him so he could tell them at school tomorrow. 

That didn't go as planned.

Here is kind of how it went...
Me:  Knock, knock
Him: Who's there?
Irish who?
Irish you a Happy St.Patrick's Day

That went ok, now it was his turn to practice...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Irish who?
Irish, leprechaun, St. Patrick

At this point, Libbie starts laughing...

I told him the punch line again and told him to start over. 
I tried to start him off. Knock knock
Who's there?
No, you are supposed to say knock knock, not me...
Oh, but you said it.
UUGGHH, try it again
No, knock knock
Who's there?
No no no, YOU are supposed to start off with KNOCK KNOCK!
Ok, ok, knock, knock
Who's there?
Irish who?
I wish you mumble, mumble, mumble

I decided to move on to another joke as clearly this one was not going well.

What happend when the leprechaun fell in the river?
He got his clothes wet, (duh mom...)

How on earth did he figure that one out?  It wasn't so funny that way. 
(Not that it was actually funny to begin with.)

 I quickly moved on.
So what do you say to a leprechaun?
The real answer was "How is the weather down there?"

but instead, I got
Tell him not to fall in the river!  (Duhhh again mom...)
How on earth did I not see that answer coming???

(Libbie was now almost going to go into labor early she was laughing so hard...)
At this point, I decided it was just not going to happen, so I left him to make up his own.  And poor Boppa had to sit and listen and answer.

What did the leprechaun do when he fell off the cliff?
Boppa: I don't know.
He should have a trampoline down there, and he should fall on the trampoline and he would jump back up and...and then he... and then... and then...

Then Bo started in.  After about ten minutes of that joke they made it to,
What happened when the leprechaun got run over on the road?
(We couldn't figure it out either)
The firemen and EMT's came and got him.

Clearly, we are not so good at making up jokes,

and as he will be sporting this tomorrow at school,

we are not so good at picking out clothes either!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Hey Kate! The pictures so cute. And the picture in my head of y'all telling jokes is even cuter. It reminds me of the old Laural and Hardy bit "Who's on first"! I love how you go all out for St. Patty's day.

    Have fun tomorrow. OO's...Tracy :)

  2. OH DEAR!!! Wait, I think that we have met before, but I see that you LIVE NEAR ME!!!!! I LIVE IN NORTH EAST MINN.!!! And you were at RESTORATION HARDWARE TOO!!! THE EDINA STORE? That is where we were! Oh dear, this is fantastic that you are in my vicinity! You visit Rosie too? Isn't she just a charm? Dearest, thank YOU for visiting with me! I do believe we have exchanged comments once, for your comment about your daughter attending school rings a bell...and you must know that my husband works at Bethel? Well my goodness! Thanks for visiting, do come again, and your blog and world are enchanting! I am a teacher you know, and children are my world, also creating and imagining and just lovin' drawing and writing. We must chat sometime. Have a glorious day!!! Anita

  3. Kate dear, I was over at my sister-in-law's blog, FÊTE ET FLEUR, and I saw that you visited her! She is my husband's sister. Well, we have a lot in common here...glitter? Minneapolis? Must chat....Anita

  4. I really needed him yesterday!!! I needed to laugh! He was pretty funny :) & he sure is a cute little leprechaun! Hope he had some good luck tonight! I heard Bo had funny helping the leprachauns mess up the gym today too :)

  5. AHHHHH!!!!YES! MARIE M. from Normandale! YES! O.K., I remember now. No, the French do not celebrate St. Patty's day, but over at our school, GREEN RULES on this day! Oh how right, the world is a small place thanks to the internet! Happy day! Anita

  6. Hey Lady~ So happy to be at my cousins today, so I can catch up on visiting Long Lost Friends.... I so miss being able to blog daily! I got a real kick out of the Leprechaun
    Humor, Made My Day....

    Miss Ya

  7. I <3 that little leprachaun of yours :)

  8. Oh dear one, what an absolute delight! Your little man is a perfect little leprachaun cute.
    Thanks so much for your well wishes. my recovery is coming..just not quite as fast as I would like. :) Happy day dear one...xoxox..Rosie

  9. Kate, you made me chuckle and grin. A great St Patrick tribute! :)

  10. Well, you all made me laugh! :)

    Did he manage to catch any of the leprachauns this year?

  11. How did I miss this one? So funny! Hope you had a great one! Hugs!

  12. How Fun! I love St. Patrick's Day!

    My FIL was 100% Irish, born on St. Patrick's Day! We had a fun little celebration here at home too.


  13. well, you certainly do st. patrick's day justice! thanks
    for the funny stories and jokes.

    having a wonderful blog break. don't even miss it a
    smidgen. :)

  14. Dear Kate,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I am happy you found something you can use as foodcover...I think the Netherlands is great for buying house decorations, you understand that makes me happy!

    Here we have spring, today it will be a little bit rainy but the next days it will be sunny and 14-15 degrees! Yesterday we worked a lot of time in the garden and we had our lunch outside!! Spring and summer are my favorite seasons!!

    Wish you a happy weekend with your family!!! Warm regards, Ingrid

  15. It's hard to mess up a knock-knock joke...but I can do it. Just ask my family.

    Your son and I would get along real well!

    Sweet dreams.

  16. Oh Kate, what cute pictures and knock-knock jokes...I'm guessing you're Irish! Hope your kids had a good St. Patty's when is this darn snow going to melt...we're supposed to get more at the end of the week you know. =(