Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming soon

My peonies,
and I can't wait!
Enjoy this beautiful week!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Certainly

is a small world, afterall.
About a month ago, I decided to host a party to treat the ladies at our church.
A pink party. 
A "Just Because" party.
I recruited some people to do the inviting for me. 
Anyone and Everyone. 
(Our church has been growing, time for us to have some fun and meet everyone)
And they came.
My mom and our friends were fabulous with their contributions of cookies.
Swoon-worthy, in fact.
My mom had been talking about a friend of hers that I had to meet.
As the friend was leaving the party, she mentioned something about her blog.
And garage sales. 
Sure enough.
Debbie and I had already met.
It is a small world after all!
I had trouble getting all my pictures to load.  Truth is, I ALWAYS have trouble with computer things.  I have heard I have compatability issues.  I have no clue what compatability issues even are.  It makes my head hurt to even think about it.  I usually just call Lib, and she straightens everything out for me.
Lib.  Where are you?  Answer your phone, I have a couple problems!!!
(K, maybe a lot of problems...)
But I will try and be back with more pictures. Just looking at them makes me want to have another party. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Official...

I am nuts-o. 
I realized that after last night.
I went to bed thinking of this wonderful lady.
And thinking about this sweet post,
(the fact that I am now certifiably crazy has nothing to do with her, we haven't met, in person,
but I can't tell you how many times I wished she lived across the street from me,
or at least across the field from me,
and that she had a big, old front porch, with a rocker,
and I would just wander over to that front porch and plunk myself down on that rocker to bask in all her glory, but I digress...)
The next part all happened in about five minutes.
From 2:01 AM, to 2:06 AM, to be precise.
I awoke from a dream.
I was babysitting for a family that goes to school where I teach (what???)
And I lost two of their younger kids (what, again???)
When I finally found them,
they were sucking kerosene out of a pinprick they made in the plastic kerosene bottle. (WHAT???)
I panicked.
I tried to read the ingestion instructions on the label.
Of course, the label was all smeared off, so the instructions were illegible.
All I could think of to do was run around the kitchen
yelling at the top of my lungs, in a very hopeful and most helpful voice,
"No one light a match!  No one light a match!"
That's when I woke up.  Shaking my head at all my weirdness.
Thank goodness, only a dream... 
My husband woke me up actually, coming home from working over-time.
Our conversation went like this:
Hi, Hon, glad you made it home from work finally. 
sleepy, grunted greeting,
How was your hospital run?
Very odd.
Well, let's just say I just took a 41-year-old _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (I can't actually get myself to type the word he said, but let's just say it's a "fancy lady" that works with a pole, and she's not a barber) to the hospital.
Let's just say she sprung a leak.
Kate, one of her boobs popped.
What?????  (comprehension took a long time to set in on that one.) Oooooohhhhh.
(In a very confused voice) How did she know that?
Ever seen a flat tire?
 Maybe it's a good thing she lives far, far away!