Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Certainly

is a small world, afterall.
About a month ago, I decided to host a party to treat the ladies at our church.
A pink party. 
A "Just Because" party.
I recruited some people to do the inviting for me. 
Anyone and Everyone. 
(Our church has been growing, time for us to have some fun and meet everyone)
And they came.
My mom and our friends were fabulous with their contributions of cookies.
Swoon-worthy, in fact.
My mom had been talking about a friend of hers that I had to meet.
As the friend was leaving the party, she mentioned something about her blog.
And garage sales. 
Sure enough.
Debbie and I had already met.
It is a small world after all!
I had trouble getting all my pictures to load.  Truth is, I ALWAYS have trouble with computer things.  I have heard I have compatability issues.  I have no clue what compatability issues even are.  It makes my head hurt to even think about it.  I usually just call Lib, and she straightens everything out for me.
Lib.  Where are you?  Answer your phone, I have a couple problems!!!
(K, maybe a lot of problems...)
But I will try and be back with more pictures. Just looking at them makes me want to have another party. 


  1. It was a WONDERFUL Pink Party!!!! I hope "Lib" can help you load up more photos and I also hope you show off your AWESOME home!!
    I felt so "special" in your home! It was a wonderful "treat"!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter dear Kate!
    What a beautiful spread you created for these lucky ladies. How fun that you met Debbie too. It' s a wonderful thing to make those small world connections. I think you have a lovely gift of hospitality. All of your gatherings make me want to be there too. Have a lovely day tomorrow with family and friends.


    PS. I accidentally deleted your comment you wrote me. Thanks so much for coming by. I've been using an Ipad to view the Internet and it's touch pad is bit of a pain. (lol) I am constantly pressing the wrong button.

  3. Makes me so sad I missed it!!!! Those treats look yummy!!! Yes...You need me ...always have...always will...

    :) Those ARE makng me swoon!

    I'll go check out her site too!

  4. you are a very complicated gal. girly as can be as
    evidenced by your gorgeous pink party but a gym
    teacher? i LOVE blog friendships.

    i visited your blog friends and enjoyed both blogs
    a bunch!

  5. My gosh Kate! That's fabulous! I wish you lived closer to me! I need help throwing a formal "Mom Prom" at my house. I'm so NOT good at party decor. I need you!
    Also I wanted to let you know that you are the ICE Resin® winner from my Friday ICE Linky Party! yeah!
    I need you to send me your address again so the folks at can send you your prize!

  6. we should have a make up party and show photos
    of our painted faces!

  7. Hi Kate, for some reason I started to type & it disappeared.... anyway, I was saying that I was glad to hear from you. I was going to tell you that we had spring for about 1 day, it was 77 for a few hours on Thursday & then you could see the dark line in the sky of a cold front coming thru, sure enough the cold & 60 mph winds came whipping in ~ from 77 Thursday to 33 on Friday ~ That's our Michigan.... when I woke this morning, there was a wee bit of snow that had accumulated on my back car window, good thing it was gone by noon..... I want a mild spring time, I hate when it goes from 30's to the 80's
    Stay warm ~

  8. My darling Kate I was over the moon happy to see that you visited with me tonight.
    I came by here a while back and left you a long long comment on how much I missed you and of course about this lovely pink party you gave.
    I guess Blogger ate my comment up because I don't see it.
    You and Libbie can throw the best of parties. Like always I am in awe of how you put everything together and it turns out amazing.
    One of these days I am coming to see you and attend one of these gorgeous gatherings of yours. lol

    Hope all is well and that your doing good. I sure do miss you.


  9. you still have snow??? bummer.
    it's warm and sunny, and flowers
    are bursting out. soon for you,
    i hope!

  10. sadly my parties lately look a bit on the "I've given up" side. I really need to know lovely ladies that make adorable cookies so pretty that guests are afraid to eat them. (because then when they leave them behind, I can sit in the corner and gobble them all up!) Your family must have the best parties in all the land. I hope spring has shined down on you by now. Take care! love, t.xoxoxox

  11. thank you for the sweet mother's day wishes,
    and i hope your day is wonderful, too!

  12. I'm so jealous Kate. All those women got to enjoy your party and your company and I never get too. Those cookies are just too cute. What a talented mom you have. We're two of a kind with these computers. I hope you get to upload more photos so I can dream about the party.

    Have a fun weekend... Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  13. I wish I could have joined the tea party. And those cookies are adorable.


  14. Hi honey
    I can not tell you how thrilled I was when you came by and said hello. You and Libbie are always in my thought and prayers. I do miss you both very much.
    As always I love love the way you do a party. These cookies look amazing and I know everyone had a great time.
    I can relate to computer problems that is one of the reasons I don't blog much. My computer is way too slow and downloading pictures is almost impossible.
    Thanks for thinking of me and I truly do miss you

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