Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Lucky Girl!

A day or two ago, I went to get my mail, and guess what the mailman had brought me?  The sweetest package from my Polka Dot Daze swap partner, Karen, of Karen's Playtime.  Oh my, she is the sweetest thing in the world and I love every bit of my package so much.  Let me show you.

She made this Hello Kitty notebook and look at her card!  The details on her work is incredible!

This tote is already holding my library books!  When it is not full of books, I hang it in my pink and silver pantry.  It looks adorable on the silver walls.

This stocking will also hang in my pantry/craft room.  Or will it go in my family room?  Or even my bedroom, perhaps?

And last, but certainly, not least.  Look at this adorable cupcake!  (It's much too pretty to stick pins in.)  Don't you want one?  Well, you too, could have one of your own.  Karen recently opened her own shop.  You can find it here.  Pop on over to give her a warm welcome, and to tell her how beautiful her work is!  Thanks Karen, I love it!  Hope your package arrives safely. 

And lastly, I got this award from Ginger, of the Neff Family. Thanks Ginger, so sweet of you!

You are supposed to share 10 interesting facts, then award it to 7 bloggers.  It was hard, but here goes:
 Polka Dot Daze
The Nut House
The Mini Baker
The Thrifty Mrs
Go check them out! 
If you are still with me, here are ten facts, I will try and be brief and let you know about my real life!
1.  Even though I am just under 6 feet tall, I always wear heels!
2.  I love my curly hair.  Usually...  I just wash it at night, then however I wake up, is how I go out the door.
3.  We just added a family room onto our house.  I painted it silver, pink, and black!  Sounds totally weird, but it is beautiful.  And the more macho the man, the more they actually like it.
4.  I coached Nature Girl's hockey team for the last six years.  Yep, the only girl coach.  I love it!
5.  I love pink, as if you didn't already know.
6.  I never have a clue where my cell phone is.
7.  My sister had to load my pictures on my blog the first two or three times I posted.  That's how bad at computers I am...  I am surprised I didn't blow the thing up already...
8.  I drive my husband nuts on a regular basis with my re-decorating.
9.  I just plain old drive my husband nuts on a regular basis!  I love you, honey!!!  (Like he would ever read this.  But I do.  Thanks for putting up with me...)
10.  I play professional football for the MN Vixen.  I know, totally weird, but during the season, if you were to punch me in the stomach, I have rock hard abs. (I actually go around telling people to punch me in the stomach.)  It's only in-season.  Post-season, I don't have good ab's at all...  In fact, I go around sucking my stomach in all the time!

Now you know, I am totally weird.  I will admit it, I hear it from my kids on a daily basis anyway!!!  Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow! You are one lucky girl! This has been a good week for you! I want to visit all your awarded girls too!

  2. I'm so glad you liked your parcel hunni.
    Thanks for linking to my blog and my little blog shop.
    Oh and thanks for my award I will get stuck into that asap although I'll probably scare a load of my followers off with my list of 10 things lol

  3. Thanks for the award Kate, now I need to cme up with 7 people send it too. I really need more followers, right?(like you said in a post awhile back, almost 1/2 of my followers a family and they don't have blogs! and the 10 things... you may be sorry you asked! I love that you play professional football and coach hockey, that's just plain awesome! o.k. now to kidnap, I mean make friends with 7 people!