Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gifts Galore!

Last Friday I opened my mailbox, and guess what was waiting in there for me?

 A fun package!  I participated in a swap with Joli-Paquet, and my swap partner has been under the weather  with a recent surgery.  I had forgotten all about it when I got this lovely package in the mail.

This cake plate is now sitting next to my sink with two of the most beautiful cloths and a yummy candle.  I just want to savor their newness for a bit.  I will eventually use them, but it is so fun to have something new in my kitchen.  Thanks, Cathy!  I love it all!

My mom, sister, and I went for a walk Sunday afternoon.  What a beautiful day.  (Too nice to sit inside and wait for the Vikings to cream the Packers.)  I always seem to gather things along my walks.  This time, I brought home this baby.  

My mom and sis were thinking I was crazy.  (Not for the first time, nor will it be the last, I'm sure...) 

I actually had this in mind.  This enamel bucket has been kicking around my house for a couple of weeks now.  It was lonely.  The whole arrangement added just the right touch for my living room fireplace.  The best part?  It was completely free!


  1. For the record, I think you are crazy too- but you always seem to pull things together beautifully :)
    Love your gifts you received in your swap, so sweet!

  2. The is alot smaller than the tree you drug home last time I went for a walk with you!

  3. I was at an estate sale one day and BOUGHT a pile of logs just like these to use as a decoration next to my fireplaces. No, you're not crazy :)