Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Captain Awesome

I thought I would introduce you to my family.

This is Captain Awesome.
He came up with that name himself.
Captain Awesome is a freshman this year and was finally part of the high school football team.
When Captain Awesome (CA for short) was born, they laid him on my stomach and his hands flew out in the startle reflex.  My first second thought was, "Look at those mitts, he is going to be some wide receiver."  (My first thought was, "A boy??? A boy?  What do I do with a boy???  I don't even know how they pee..."
I came from a family of three girls.) 

Captain waiting for the offense to take the field.  And pretending his mom is not taking this picture...

Lining up as a Wide Receiver.  He's the tall, thin one.  Takes after his mom.   Well, the tall part anyway...  Sigh.

This is Nanna and his biggest littlest fan/cousin Rocco.  You can check out Rocco and the rest of Rocco's fam right here.

This is actually Captain Awesome's biggest fan.  Well, except for me...  Great season Captain Awesome!
Luv ya!
I am so glad I have boys.  And I was able to teach them to pee after all.


  1. I'm sure CA loves you telling the internet world about you teaching him to "pee." :)
    Love his football pics!

  2. So funny! I love it. Bo really is his biggest fan!

  3. your so funny...crafty too! Thanks for stopping over and I'll be visiting you often! Theresa