Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Honey and Dear

Remember how much fun it was playing house as a kid?  Well, these two have perfected it.  It's my Little Fireman and his cousin, Annie. (My sister and I both strive for creative children and, let me tell you, our creative children goals were met and exceeded with these two!) For the last couple of years, these two have had an ongoing game of house when they get together.

I think it started when Annie got a shopping cart, and the pink Pottery Barn kitchen for Christmas one year.  She sent Dear out for groceries.  Dear dutifully went out and took every can out of the pantry and loaded it into the cart.  Then he went home to Honey and unloaded the cart into her pink kitchen.

The adventures these two have had!  Dear seems to go to work, while Honey stays home to tend  to the house and look after the children.  Once in a while, Dear gets tired and crabby so Honey has to go to work for the day.  When she gets home, the house is not quite so tidy.

This summer, as I was driving away from Nanna and Boppa's house, Honey and Dear met us at the corner on their scooters.  As they are not allowed to go that far without an adult, I asked them,
Me: "What are you guys doing?"
Honey: "We are out looking for a new house.  Dear, do you like that one?"
Dear: "No, too small, and the yard needs a lot of work."

At church a bit ago, Honey and Dear had a reunion.  (They hadn't seen each other since the night before)  When the two caught sight of each other from about forty feet apart, they both cried each other's names and went running towards each other with arms wide open.   They met in the middle with a big hug.  By this time, a rather large crowd had gathered around the pair as it seemed like a long-lost reunion at the airport.  I must say, I was starting to feel rather proud of our two sweet children, when Little Fireman said in a totally disgusted voice. "UUGGHH!  That's enough, Annie!" and ran away swiping the girl germs off.

The kids are both growing up so fast.  I will miss hearing, "I'm home, Honey." 


  1. I do love Honey & Dear. It is sooooo fun to eavesdrop on them! They are hilarious! I love when Honey gets firecalls & has to rush out. I too will be sad when these days are done!

  2. How could I forget about the fire calls???

  3. So sweet...Thanks for sharing

  4. What an adorable story. You're capturing wonderful memories.

  5. Yes, I agree, great story! Adorable...