Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming soon

My peonies,
and I can't wait!
Enjoy this beautiful week!


  1. what? beautiful photo, but i'm curious.

  2. My peonies just have very small buds, glad to see yours are ahead ofours. M cannot wait, either!

  3. Oh' my Kate, those are so beautiful. I'd love to have peonies here. I know you're looking forward to nice summer weather and plenty of pretty peonies. Enjoy every one of them for me.

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  4. I'm waiting for my peonies to make an appearance too but they look so small right now I'm wondering if I'll see them at all this summer!

  5. Hi, Kate,

    How wonderful your parents are coming. I hope you all have the best time together. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. Wishing him great blessings for a bright future.


  6. Peonies are fabulous, and they don't do real well here, so I have not tried to grow them. Love em tho.

  7. I have so enjoyed watching the progression of the peonies during my morning walks. Since it has not gotten super hot yet ... they have lasted a long time.

    Jenny had pink peonies for her wedding flowers.


  8. are your peonies blooming? we are entering the 'dog days'
    down here but happy our tornadic spring is gone.

    off to the mountains on friday . . .

  9. it made me smile when you said, "i may not have what
    the jones have . . . ", because that is my friend patricia's
    (who i mentioned in the post) name! :)

    loved your comment! "first world problems"

  10. you"re smart to start a wedding file,
    but be forewarned, the bride may
    not like what's in your file. :)

    the groom . . . who is still unknown
    won't care much about anything.

  11. how's your summer going? i've been in the mountains
    all summer, where it is wonderful.

    after your green acres comment, i am forced to picture
    you with a giant hay'fork' :)

  12. What lovely flowers! And love the mason jar. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  13. hey you! thanks for the sweet summer wishes.
    we are having a wonderful summer but home
    from the mountains :( back to 95 and humid.

  14. Hi honey I left you a comment on your post before this telling you how much I have missed you. lol
    Your a sweetheart and I think of you often.
    I love love your peonies and wish that I could have them here but Texas heat is too gruesome for them. Another reason I wish I lived near you. haha
    Sending you much love

  15. hi kate!

    you must be dreading the winter
    the way we dread the summer
    down here. i hope you have a
    long fall and a short winter. :)

  16. Dear Kate,

    Apple crisp and ice cream is just too yummy for words. Fall has finally really begun here even though it is still pretty warm. I had a birthday two weeks ago and have as usual been running about busy since then. I hope you enjoyed your baking day. It sounded marvelous to me.

    Thinking of you and sending a big hug your way.


  17. I just came from Libbie's ~ Love the Party Planning business, you certainly
    are the one with all the fabulous ideas! I "Liked" your FB page, you'll
    probably wonder who in the world Cheryl Goode MacKinnon was!

    Miss You

  18. So good to hear from you! I hope you had a wonderful fall. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.

    Big hugs!

  19. Happy New Year, Kate! I hope this is your best year yet!
    You must have a few feet of snow by now.

  20. Hi Kate! We survived CHristmas and New Year's! Thank you
    for your sweet comments at my place. I keep wanting to tell
    my parents, "I raised five teenagers, and I am NOT tolerating
    this . . ." but of course, I can't say that to my parents. sheesh.

  21. I am SO sorry Spring takes such a long time to visit you.
    Next summer, when I am sweltering, though, I will be
    happy for you. We had Spring and daffodils last week,
    but it turned chilly again today. Tomorrow 75. :) My
    husband just returned from Milwaukee and forgot his
    coat! Yikes!!

  22. Dear Kate.

    It hasn't been easy for me to get where I am. I completely understand the love of beautiful things. It's taken me years to get here and I'm still not done. It's coming along though. I keep telling myself, "baby steps . . . baby steps . . .


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