Monday, May 2, 2011


this year, navy blue, black, purple and turquoise were the colors for prom dresses in our neck of the woods.
And we didn't get the memo...

Silver and pink were her colors of the day.

It took me 17 years, but finally that girl had some pink in a dress!

Didn't ever think that was gonna happen.

(And Sweetie?  Sorry for scaring your poor date. 
Actually, sorry that both daddy and I scared your poor friend.

I wasn't actually serious. 
Your dad on the other hand?  I think he really is serious when he says that you aren't allowed to have a boyfriend until you are 25...)    


  1. Oh no! You didn't! Poor girl :) But she does look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I hope she had a fun night!

  2. Nothing like being set apart in a crowd...her dress is absolutely stunning...perhaps because i am partial to pink? But so awesome. And a little healthy fear never hurt ANYONE. :)

  3. Hey Kate,
    She Looks Beautiful in Pink ~
    xox Miss Ya
    Cheryl (it's Me ZanyMayd, guess I'm not logged in, but heading out the door)

  4. Oh you are so cute, with your scaring her date. And she is pretty in pink and silver.

  5. All their friends are co cute! And they look like an adorable couple. You must have been so proud! I don't blame you for putting the fear of God in that boy. Christian already is planning on cleaning his guns when a boy comes to pick up Lillian. And he will probably have twice as many guns as he has now by them! lol

  6. That's a beautiful dress! And better to stand out as an original than blend in with the crowd.

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!!
    PS - I booked my flight for Junk Bonanza! Hope to see you there!

  7. She looks so beautiful. Love her dress! And I hope you scared that "poor boy" to death, LOL. That'll make 'im pay attention! LOL

    Hope she had fun!


  8. she has exquisite taste! i adore her gown, her gorgeous
    hair, and beautiful smile. you must be so proud.

  9. That is adorable...and and I am so glad she didn't get the memo, Kate. She looks lovely in pink!!!

  10. Love her dress! I agree with the not dating until your 25. (LOL) ;~)


  11. Beautiful!
    This touches me so closely. We have been trying to find prom dresses for the girls who lost theirs in the recent tornados in Alabama. That brings it home.
    I'm glad it was such a beautiful night.

  12. Beautiful! Didn't she attend last year's prom with the same boy? He looks familiar! Uh oh... ;)

    I should talk, my dd is out on a date tonight with a very handsome enlisted Marine. How did it happen that our little babies are growing up so fast?

    Good to see you blogging again, Kate! Don't be gone so long!

  13. She looks like a southern belle...

    always pretty in pink!

    Sweet dreams.

  14. Wow she is as beautiful as her mom. I can just see you scaring that young man. lol
    Hope they had a wonderful night.
    Just had to come by this morning to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. I will be thinking of you and Libbie on this special day.
    Hope you make lots of great memories today
    Love ya

  15. Oh Dearest...that is one beautiful young lady. Congratulations on getting your sweet baby over this memorable milestone in her life...and I firmly believe that a "dating prerequisite" should ALWAYS be filled out in FULL and SIGNED, before that cherub faced fella leaves the front is our right as a loving parent, to inflict a measured amount of embarrassment on our babies, from time to time...said with a smirk :)
    Have a Marvelous Mothers Day with your SWEET, SWEET babies...xo...Rosie

  16. Oh my gosh Kate, I can't believe that I missed this! She looks absolutely beautiful! Her dress is dreamlike, I love it... I hope she had fun!
    Funny, Duane would never call Danielle's dates by the right name. Just a little game he liked to play with them to keep them wondering! love, t. xoxoxooxox

  17. She looks so pretty Kate...and I think her choice of dress was perfect! Hope they had a great up, graduation!

  18. What a pretty dress! Your little 'sweet bluebird' looks beautiful!

    xo Trish (a peony princess, blogger won't let me log in)

  19. Oh Dear Kate, I have missed you ever so much! There are just not enough hours in the day, so strolls through blogland are just not as frequent. Hope all is well and life is overflowing with JOY. Have a Blessed Wednesday my "long lost friend"...xoxox Rosie

  20. Missing You Too~ Oops, I see I am Not logged in, but know it is Me... Hope the Summer keeping you busy with Family & Fun ~ hope you get a chance to pop on by sometime...
    Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd