Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Up to my Eyeballs

In glitter!

Just the way I like it.

Since this girl decided to leave me for better things
(like college...)
I decided I needed to get my act together and send some love letters her way.

I added some treats

 a sweet "love" diary, some black cherry soda, valentine marshmallows, a pretty necklace, some cupcakes

 topped it off with a special valentine,

and called it a day. 

One very sweet day.
Hope you enjoyed your day my sweet girlie.  We missed you tonight.

But we couldn't stop there...
I found these on pinterest. 
Thought it was the perfect valentine for my Little Fireman, who is now obsessed with all things from WWII.

36 "love bombs" later, we were done.
(And incidentally, after making all 36 of them, I wondered if these babies would make it through the school day without getting him expelled.

I chanced it.
And no phone calls from the principal.
Thank goodness) 

Hope your day was filled to the brim with loads of sweetness. 


  1. Max would have loved the love bombs! Danielle has a couple of friends coming to see her this weekend so i will be putting together a care package for her to send with them and you just gave me some sweet ideas! Happy Happy day of love to you! t.xoxooxoxoxo

  2. Kate, you are the Craft Queen!I know your daughter loved the gifts. Gosh, who wouldn't! Happy Valentines to you!

  3. I totally lobe the bombs!!! I am stealing that idea!

    All that glitter was put to a good cause! You know how to do it up for valentine's day! Just ask Annie!

  4. you are amazing! your children must feel so loved.

    and THANK YOU for the snow board advice. i must
    confess that i am terrified to do that, but i do love
    to ski. it's just the boot i don't like.

    your sagacious words made me chuckle. always a
    good thing.

  5. What a sweet care package for your college daughter. I am sure she felt loved!

    Those love bombs are hilarious...:)

    Happy day to you!!


  6. What an amazin' gal you are...ya wanna adopt me???


    God bless ya and I hope you had the best Valentine's Day ever!!! :o)

  7. Kenzie sure is a lucky girl! And I'm going to have to copy those bombs next year...love, love, love them! See you in a few weeks...were you lucky enough to find a poodle or are you still looking?

  8. That is sooooo Sweet! When I lived away from home my grandma would send me care packages. They always meant so much to me. Even just to ge a hand writen letter to see her beautiful hand writing! You are such an awesome mom...I bet that put a huge smile on your daughters face!:0)