Saturday, July 28, 2012

If You Were Wondering Where I've Been...

I've been busy planning the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

(Well, the opening party for our family, that is.)

Coordinating the arrival of the athletes was a bugger of a job...
('Cuz some were completely overjoyed to be there and have their picture taken.)

But as you can see, the delegations from USA and France at least arrived safely.

Even road construction could not stop our torch ceremony.

Although we really missed David Beckham
(some of us more than others...)

And we had to re-do our torch run two or three times to get it down.

(photo from The Mirror)
Just in case you were wondering who was texting Rowan...

It was Lib

And our fish and chips were rather smashing, if I do say.

Happy Olympics.
Whew.  That was a ton of work people.  (Have you ever made a double-deckered bus or a torch???)

From now until the closing ceremonies, I will be glued to my tv...


  1. Go USA!!!
    And I can't believe you made that bus!
    And I can't believe you didn't actually light the torch... ;)

  2. It was so much fun! I think you should give out your recipe for the homeade tarter sauce though....I am still craving some!!!! And too bad I didnt snap a pic of your fresh scones! Best Olympic PartyI have attended :) Thanks for all your work!

  3. I love, love, love the Olympics! What a great way to celebrate! Your torch was perfect. Every Olympic year everything stops to enjoy these games in our home. Have fun watching!


  4. what a special event for those darling young
    olympiads! you are amazing!

    i laughed at your chicken hawk training!

  5. You are always the Hostess with the Mostess~ I love all the fun ideas for partying You & Libby come up with~ it is late, but taking every moment I have to visit, working on the new business with my daughter Mandy had been keeping us both so crazed! Hope life is treating you all well ~ Off to visit the Libby's Blog too...

  6. Kate, I love how you get the familly ALL involved in the sports! Ya'll are just the most creative bunch! Wish I lived closer. :) Go USA!

  7. We enjoy the Olympics very much, my husband don't want to miss anything! It's a great event! A few months ago we visited London for the first time, so nice to see on television where we have walked!

    I see that you and your family have your own Olympics: I wish you lots of gold medals :)!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  8. Kate- you are crazy!! In that "I wish I was there with you" kind of way! I'm coming up to MN in Oct. I'll email you with my dates. Hope to see you!

  9. Something must be done in my life to get me closer to you, that's all there is to it! I don't know of another soul that puts so much fun into everything they do... you are AWESOME!! What a great party, again! You don't miss a single detail and always go over the top so that the kids have the best time, the memories that they will share with eachother one day will be because of all of the crazy fun details! How did Lib manage to break away from the fun to text? LOL
    We have been watching at night while we fill bottles and attach labels. We love the games too, the competition and the stories, I probably cry more than I should ;)
    love you!!! t.xoxooxox

  10. We loved watching the Olympics! It might have been a bit more fun because we had a Brit staying with us for the duration. Karl crossed the pond and spent 3 weeks with us and we enjoyed it immensely.

    Your party looks like so much fun! :)