Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did you...

have yourself a Merry Little Christmas?

We certainly did! 
Our tree is still decorated.

I am sad that the presents are all opened.
 And the wisemen have all returned to "afar."

It all went so fast this year.
Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Christmas!



  1. So glad you had a Merry Christmas! Your wrapped gifts must have been beautiful, love your photo here. Our grandkids always love Christmas. They put the 'merry' in it. My mind kept going back to memories with my mom. I miss talking to her. Kate, have a wonderful and blessed New Year! Love ya.


  2. Well, you sure made my day by seeing a new post from YOU!!! I never know whether you get your comments if you don't go on your blog for months, Do You???
    Love the wrapped present, I have to show my daughter the photo, she likes to wrap in different ways & I think she will like this one~ Glad you had a Merry Christmas & Wishing you and your Family a Very Happy New Year ~ 2013

  3. Love that wise man... maybe out of love for his mom he will wear that awesome outfit once a month to keep the Christmas spirit going! I wouldn't want anyone to open their presents either if i made them look so pretty. I unfortunately went the way of wrap, tape and go... wrap, tape and go. Not even cool paper either,sure it had penguins all over it but it was cheesy at best.
    Have a wonderful New Year and would you do me a favor and give Lib and her new baby a hug and smooch for me? thanks!!
    love, t.xoxoxooxo

  4. How did I miss thos one? Great photography on the wise guy ;) I took a pic of the gift you gave me too...just WAYYYY too pretty! I hated to open it! I think it's the best wrapped gift I have ever received...for sure actually! & it tastes great too :)

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