Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't chat

As my mouth is filled with carmel from dipping apples...
Image from Martha stewart

We have had a beautiful fall here in Minnesota.  I am thankful for every second of our warm weather as I know in no time my lawn will be covered in snow until late spring.

Tomorrow I am throwing a Halloween party for 250 kids.  Oh my, I had better get back to the  party preparations, but I promise I will be back soon with the best recipe for carmel for dipping your apples. 
 I promise, you won't buy that nasty old carmel for your apples ever again...


  1. Hello Dear Kate ~ I had to take a double look when I saw your post.... 250 Kids, Are You Crazy! Can't wait for the recipe, sounds wonderful ~ Think of you often, always love seeing when Libby posts too~ Miss Ya
    Hope life is Great

  2. Girl... you don't do anything in a small way do you! i need the caramel recipe cuz (and now I'm ashamed to say it) there is a tub of the nasty but oh so simple stuff in my frig. It could be worse I could tell you that sometimes when I can't be bothered to cut up an apple, I stick my finger in it. shame. Have fun at the party, i can't wait to hear all about it! t. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hey...are you whipping up your famous carmel now? We will be right over!!! I won't bring Kelly so I can eat a little more...he's an addict...

  4. I'm sure that's a typo in your post - 250 kids. You meant 25, right?!? Good luck, you crazy girl!

  5. Kate,
    I miss you! Come back with that wonderful recipe. I would love to try it with some good Minnesota apples!!! 250 kids. You aren't serious, are you????

  6. You do more than anyone I know! Whew...I just get tired thinking of it all. I love caramel apples - too much!


  7. I have missed you! Goodluck with the Halloween party. Godbless you hunny! Happy Halloween!!

  8. Beautiful carmel apples Kate! Hope your party was frighteningly fun!

    Oh your caramel apples look DELICIOUS!
    What a great treat.
    250 kids???? You are one CrAzY mama. If I lived closer it would have been 251...So much F U N
    Have a perfect weekend dear Kate.
    Love Rosie

  10. Sending you a HUG to start the week!

  11. Hey Kate.... How time flies, I am taking advantage of being over my daughter's, having a broken computer at home is not fun, so I am checking out all my missed emails & Lots of Blogging~ Wishing You & Yours a Blessed Thanksgiving...

  12. Kate honey did I read this right 250 kids at your party. OMG you amaze me.
    I sure miss you sweet dear Kate but I know how busy you and Libbie are these days.
    Came by to check on you and to give you heads up about my giveaway
    Love ya

    How are you dear one??? Have you decked the halls? I'm sure you and your babies have strung marshmallows...and anything else you can find, and made things merry and bright.
    I Have NOT yet tried my hand at flocking, but am itching to. Liz (my daughter)comes home from school very soon and she has been my "partner in crime" in the maybe soon.
    I have been on a baking kick these last few days, so those children better arrive soon or I will be in trouble.
    I LOVE that you stopped by for a quick cuppa...Hugs...Rosie

  14. Thank you for your sweet note friend. You are so thoughtful. I miss your posts but understand all to well how sometimes life is far to busy! Merry Christmas! Blessings to you and yours!

  15. Hey darlin' I was just poppin' by to invite ya to wish ya a Merry Christmas and invite you to enter my giveaway.

    God bless and please drop in. I'll leave a light on and the door open for ya! Heeehehehe!!! :o)

  16. SO glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for stopping by. That caramel sounds delish!
    Take care and Merry Christmas!

  17. look at me all the way back here!
    now i have to go look up that
    caramel recipe!!