Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kids these days

My oldest two kids left at 6:00 AM for a week long missions trip to New York City.

At 9:00 AM, my phone rings.
Me: "Hello"
Voice on the other end:" The eagle has landed."

I guess they got there safely.....


  1. Oh Kate that is just too funny. They wanted their mom to know they were safe but no time to chat with New York to see. hahaha
    Been thinking a lot of you and Libbie this week. Since my job loss I have spent two weeks of pondering things and you two kept entering my mind.
    I hope you are enjoying every minute of your short summer.
    We are in the worse drought ever and you can barely go outside long enough to check the So yep I hate to say it but I am ready for FALL not winter just fall.
    Picky aren't I.
    Anyway just had to come by and check on you and send my love

  2. Kate, how wonderful! They have a sense of humor I would expect from your family! :) I love it. Tell us about the trip when they get home.

  3. Love it, "The Eagle has landed!" :)

    I've been pondering a trip to NYC with my two younger children and maybe dh if I could drag him to a city that big. There's so much to do and see there. I hope whatever mission they are working on goes well and that they have a life enriching time!

    Dd#1 is heading out to CA next Wednesday to see her boyfriend graduate from the Marines basic training. She's pretty excited. This is her first big trip without us, even though she's going out with boyfriend's mother and aunt, it's still a new venture for all of us. Then they all return home, including the Marine - for 10 days. The rest of August will fly by!

  4. It will be good to have them home safe! Bo is lonely :) Misses Captain Awesome something fierce :)

  5. ha ha! love their sense of humor. what a
    wonderful thing for your children to do
    their last days of summer . . . helping
    others . . . teasing their mom.

  6. That is funny!

    Hope that they had a wonderful time! Good for them!


  7. What a cute and succinct way to reassure mom.

  8. Kate,
    Your family is just as funny as you are! What a good thing for them to do. I remember Katie doing Habitat in various places at that age. I was always sure she was going to fall off a roof. She didn't!

  9. So I am a week late for this but I love their humor... reminds me of their mom! You must be so incredibly proud of the big loving hearts that they have. They are probably on the way home now, I'm wishing them safe travels with many amazing stories to share! t. xooxoxxoxoox

  10. LOL! Too funny! I hope they had a safe and wonderful trip.

  11. Good morning sweet dear Kate
    Thought of you over the weekend so I had to come by and check on you this morning.
    Hope all is well and look forward to your next post
    Love ya

  12. Hi Katie! Just missing you and thinking of you. Wishing you were back in blogland.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  13. Hi Kate,
    Oh it has been SO long since I have enjoyed a cuppa in blogland. Life has been just too busy. Thought I'd stop by and leave you a H*U*G...xoxo...Rosie