Saturday, July 30, 2011

Annie's Party

My family room provided the birthday inspiration for Annie, my niece's party. 
Can you guess the theme?

Need another clue?

You're right!
Lib was brave enough to invite Annie's ENTIRE class and then some to a Sock Hop.

At one point, I counted 31 kids!!!
(Lib's crazy...)

They all dressed 50's style.

There were poodles galore! 

And you are warned about the next pic...

(I would never normally show a pic of me, but as I sacrificed my hair to those curlers, I just needed to show you all why I am now bald...)

The kids played games

And then went to "White Castle"
(Which by the way, was the site of my parents first date...)

And then inside for the important stuff...

The twist!!!

 Watch  Me Now!!!

The boys loved the dancing...

All that dancing makes a girl thirsty.

Lib had that covered with a trip to a malt shop.

Then a trip to the candy store

Time for a quick swing before...

A movie!

Whew!  I'm tired.

For more pics, head over to Lib's blog.

Happy Birthday to our 7 year old!!!


  1. Oh my gOOdnEss!!!! This is the best party I have ever seen! I want to come. It deserves to be in a magazine. And your daughter Lib is the cutest seven year old ever!!! She reminds me of my Holly girl who is almost 20. yikes. They grow up way too fast. I miss their childhood days so much. Loved being a stay at home mommie. AND YOU look adorable in those curlers...I'm so glad you showed us! So so cute. Brings back memories. My mom always put curlers in my long straight as a board hair. The decorations and outfits are just stunning. Really truly your party needs to be shared in a magazine. What a great mom you are. ox

  2. you are amazing! i could never think of all the fun
    ideas you implement. those children must have
    had the time of their lives and know how much you
    LOVE them!

    thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. Kate, ya'll are just fabulous! Loved this and 31 kids??? Oh my. But what fun and great memories. Pics are wonderful too. Can I be related to ya'll?

  4. Hi...just me. :) THank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!!! Icould never have done it without you or your room! I mean you know I couldn't have taught all those kids to do the twist! YOU were the perfect touch :)

  5. Sweet Kate you are absolutely the best Aunt anyone could ever ever wish for. I love this party and everything is prefect.
    I stopped by Libbies on my way here and laughed at all of her pictures and then I come by here and have just as much fun looking at yours.
    You two girls are the best ever. I told Libbie you could make a fortune in catering birthday parties.
    Darn you are even beautiful in rollers. hahahaha Anyone that is pretty in these rollers is a real knock out. lol
    Thanks honey for the sweet kind words you left me about my job loss. It helps me more than I can say you and all the others leaving me such sweet words of encouragement.
    I will make it with friends like you
    Love you dearly and think of you often

  6. OM Goodness! What a beautiful room you have! I'm totally in love with the floor!! What a great idea for a party, and one she will never forget! The theme and the presentation are perfect!! As you can see by all the exclamation marks, I'm completely flipping out on this amazing party!!! And of course, you're a cutie pie with rollers in your hair. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!

  7. Oh Kate what a perfectly memorable day...You truly are CrAzY...CRAZY WONDERFUL! I am lovin' that "do".
    Oh dear girl WHAT FUN!
    Thank you for your delightful visit. Yes "Mr Dreamy" and I are so enjoying our summer. Although it's extremely busy, I do LOVE the heat.
    Thanks so much for popping by...xoxo...Rosie

  8. Kate,
    What a blast! I pick you for my mom, ok? Your daughter is so darn cute but you take the prize in your rollers...laughing like crazy here!

  9. How flippin' adorable! I want to move to Minnesota and be BFFs with you and Libbie! :)

  10. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wish I would have seen that picture of you before I went to the family reunion! I would have dressed up as my 50's sister Kate for our Halloween night! You and Lib totally outdid yourselves this time... that is the party of the year!
    You are crazy cool! t.xoxooxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Great Pictures! Makes me think of Happy Days...