Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaming Of Summer

My sister has dubbed my house, "The Party House."  There is nothing better than hosting a great party for friends and family.  Last summer sped by so fast.  I wanted to try and capture those last days with some good old-fashioned fun.  What a better way that to throw an old-fashioned croquet party?

I made everyone wear white.  (Guys were allowed to wear khaki pants, and not all of us complied with the dress code, Mike.  Don't worry, I shared your fashion faux pas with everyone!)  We had a great time.  Hope you enjoy our fun.
I brought out some old furniture, just like the Victorians did.
It does help to have cute kids to decorate your old furniture with.
My dad.  (BTW Dad, thanks for the 14 boxes of cereal!)
My mom and Rocco by the drink table.
Annie helping to hang out my bloomers.
We actually did play croquet.
Bo loved having something to pound all day long...
The kids love to eat at their own table.
You rock those socks, Mike...
I made fairy wands for the kids. 

Little Bo.  He does look angelic, doesn't he???

The first meeting of the Good Old Boys Club...

The girls have their own club too.
One thirsty girl.
And hungry too!
Apparently we also played Follow-The-Leader...


Thank goodness summer will be here before you know it!  


  1. OH how I wish I lived close to you! What a wonderful idea...and Kate I love these pictures and the way you displayed them with the post. How lovely of a day you guys had. I have to plan on something like this just to celebrate warmer weather. Great post

  2. What a wonderful party idea - I too love all your photos scrolling through them told just as much of a story as your words did!

  3. Bonjour,
    Oh I absolutely adore this idea. Wish I lived near you. So nice to see all the white outfits and marvelous furniture. Your photos are lovely - Mom and Dad and all those sweet kids. What wonderful memories you gave them all.
    My family played croquet all the time when we were kids -it was so much fun.
    A bientô^t

  4. That looks like the very best time! I mean did Martha stop over cuz she's got nothing on you! I am truly in awe Kate, what a great memory for your family. I love that everyone complied with the white attire (except Mike apparantly!) I could keep gushing but I really need to get back to painting, gotta press on, we need the dining room back... Theresa

  5. looks like a great time!! the white dresses with the hats were just beautiful... the one of annie hanging bloomers looks like a old fashion post card

  6. Kate, how utterly sweet!!! that is the cutest idea for a party...everyone looks like they are having a grand time...i just love it...and your pictures are fabulous...i nearly feel as if i were there...wearing my white, of course:) have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. Kate,
    Green grass, lush green trees, croquet, lemonade, white linen dresses, straw hats......sigh. How I long for a midwest summer. I can have everything 'cept the green grass and lush trees.
    Your photos are wonderfully Victorian! Heartwraming and yearning for a midwest summer.

    My Best,

  8. oooppps! heartwarming! not heatwraming....makes me sounds so pitiful! LOL What a nut! I'm sure you knew that. That it was heartwarming not that I'm a nut. Should I quite while I'm ahead? OMGoodness!


  9. Kate...are you for real? This really is amazing and what a fabulous idea! The setting and detail is amazing and I love all of your pictures, all of the kids look so cute!

    Love the drink glasses and I spy a cute pink cupcake!

    14 boxes of cereal eh? lol

    Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend!


  10. Sigh... I had a blast skiing today but when I read this post I wanted summer to arrive tomorrow.

    A croquet party looks like too much fun! I might just have to plan one of these myself, unless I crash yours, lol!

  11. IT's a very good idea, i will probably take your idea next summer, i love croqtet!beautiful post.

  12. Hi Kate, WE WANT SUMMER!! Such gorgeous pictures. Love the style and arrangements ~ magazine like! Just perfect!! Have a sweet weekend.

  13. Oh My!! what a hoot!! I just love your idea of everyone wearing white, and I love that chase lounge, I've always wanted one of those. Victorian party--love it. Oh by the way, that enamel ware wall holder sold already and I just listed it this morning. Good thing I didn't get to attached to it. Have a great evening, Carol Mae

  14. You really are the party lady. Clever, clever idea! Thanks for sharing all those darling photos, even the black socks....

  15. How amazingly delightful my sweet friend...what a great idea and everything looks so so BEAUTIFUL. Oh the sweetness of it all. Good for you to create such lovely memories. Thanks you for sharing and for all your lovely comments you always leave me. Yes...the Olympics have been busy here! LOVE IT!

  16. Wowza, I've never "known" someone as incredibly fab at party throwing as you, Kate! I love it!!!

  17. Goodness, Gracious! Now that I know you're Sweet Libbie's sister, I'll be back to read more often! I think your crochet party was inspired. I love that most of your guests wore white. Those dark socks were a hoot, too!
    See you again soon.
    ps. If you haven't visited Brynwood yet, I'm having a giveaway and would love to have to join in the fun. Just click on my giveaway button on my left sidebar.

  18. Those kiddos are VERY cute! And you are definitely a party guru!!! It all looks just incredible - WOW!!! How fun! Love the bloomers on the clothesline!

    :) T

  19. Looks like you all had a great time. Nothing better than spending a fun time with family. Hope you have a great week, T

  20. What a beautiful day! And how blessed you are to have so much family so close to celebrate with!

  21. I just caught up on the French Charming blog and saw that you won her GORGEOUS cuff bracelet - CONGRATULATIONS!! You can wear it to your next croquet party.

  22. Makes me anxious for summer,too! What a GREAT party, the best memories. Wonder who was the winner that day?! Everybody was so beautiful that day, 30 somethings and all the kids, too.

  23. No Mom, I didn't happen to mention who the winner was. Do you think I would actually admit to being smoked by my own mother in croquet? And do you actually think that Kelly would let me admit that to the world either??? You are crazy!!!

  24. Kate, what a gorgeous setting! It looks like a magazine article. That chaise lounge is incredible. Party House for sure. Great memories for everyone! Love your bloomers on the line!

  25. Oh Kate, how I just love this. I wished I lived nearby. I could never get anyone to do such things. You're my kinda gal!

    Hugs...Tracy :)