Monday, February 22, 2010

My Fabulous Monday!

I went to my mailbox to leave something for my postman, and guess what was waiting for me?

A beautiful package from Thespa, of VintiquitiesWorkshop.

The most beautiful, dear, sweet, exquisite creation I have ever laid my hands on!  A pocket journal with so many details that you won't believe it!

The cover has a beautiful antique lace flower.

Adorned with a tag and crystal.  

There is another beautiful crystal on the cover that Thespa altered with the word "Friend."  She took the word friend from an old hymnal.

The insides are a wonderful mixture of antique and vintage ephemera that Thespa beautifully layered together.

Did I mention that there are no photocopies in this book?  All originals.  I so wish I could take beautiful pictures so you could see all her details.  Here is a sweet pocket that Thespa stuffed to the gills with more ephemera! 

This sweet clown was between the pages.  I love her!

Thank you, sweet Thespa!  (go check her out here...)  So much talent you have,
you have no idea how much I adore your creation! 


  1. Amazingly beautiful. What a wonderful gift.

  2. Holy Moly! You are one lucky lady! How truly exquisite!! The detail and materials is nothing short of stunning! Thespa is one very talented lady!!

    Have a fabulous week Sweet Friend!

    Big Hugs,

  3. oh, my is that lovely!!! Thespa did a beautiful job with her fabrics and papers...i just love it...lucky you!!!

  4. Such a gorgeous little treasure! The best part is that the recipient adores it so much. :)

    Can I just say that when I first glanced at the title (which was in a smaller font on my "dashboard") I thought it said "My Fabulous Monkey!" I couldn't imagine what you would have to say about that!

    It's probably time to get my eyes checked...

  5. What a beautiful journal, so many stunning details. So glad you were the proud recipient.
    I also want to thank you for all your visits and your sweet comments you always leave me. It is much appreciated my friend!
    Have a fabulous week!

  6. I have never seen anything like that! All original? Wow. Lovely!!

  7. How sweet.. It's beautiful. And thanks for wishing us well on our trip. I will be posting about it. :)

    Xoxo- Emily

  8. You are some lucky girl...that book is divine!! Enjoy!

  9. How divine! You have got a real treasure there. Lucky you!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  10. What a women inspire me everyday! There is so much talent out there. Enjoy your sweet so deserve it my friend. Happy Monday to you! xoxox

  11. What a neat book. And all of it is vintage, I like the idea of no photocopies. That's what makes it so special and of course the fact that her talent is in every page and detail. Thespa sent it to a special lady. Thank you for showing us all the details of your new vintage book.


  12. I want one too!! looks so vintage... so lovly!

  13. Though I have not one creative bone in my entire body, I so appreciate the artistry of others creations. Absolutely lovely!!

  14. Talented Thespa did a gorgeous job! Cute piece of art!! Enjoy it, Kate!

    Have a happy day,

  15. Kate you are just too sweet. Thank you so much for befriending me. You are a special gal with an enormous heart. I'm so glad you got the journal. Enjoy!



  16. Wow! What a treasure, and what wonderful friends you have. The cover alone is amazing!

  17. What a lovely journal. Looks like a lot of thought was put into its creation.

    ~ Tracy

  18. And I KNOW how much you love it with that phone call telling me every detail...I can't wait to see it!

  19. Hi there I linked your blog with a happy award... have a great day!!