Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lazy Spring Afternoon

It's know it has been over a week since my last post.  I apologize, but  I was off enjoying spring!  ( I didn't have anything interesting to say anyways...Kind of boring around here, but I like boring.)

After the first week of May with freezing cold temps, a little snow and a lot of rain, spring finally decided that now is the time to show up around here.  I had to enjoy it while I could, in Minnesota you never know what the weather is going to be like.   I spent all of last week outside.

I picked masses of lilacs to fill my house.

My kids had Friday off of school, so I forced them to lounge around and soak up the beautiful weather.

What could be better than this spot to read a good book?
Enjoy some peppermint tea,
and your very own snack served on 100 year old china with your initial monogrammed on the silver?

That is what I call a good day!


  1. Boring isn't bad, because it gives time for new inspiration! I wish you a lot of sunny days next weeks, you have a beuatiful place in your garden to read a book!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  2. Your silver is gorgeous, Kate, Lilacs, that hanging chair, your beautiful garden, all the ingredients for the most perfect lazy lovely days! Do let many many days follow, Kate! xoxoxo

  3. ...Oh Yes!!! Good is NOW!!!
    Put the silver tray out everyday! Love how it looks under your tree...and don't get me started on those oh-so-lovely lilacs...

    Thank You for entering Ozma's fan~tabulous giveaway! ~ and for posting a link on your sidebar, extra chances for you ~ teehee:)
    Here's to roses...and lilacs!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. It would not take much forcing for me to spend a lot of time in your beautiful hammock...
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Hi Kate,
    Just popping by to say Hi! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy a lazy beautiful spring day. I wish I had time to hang and sip some tea. I'm so busy right now my head should be pooping off, so I'm a little jealous Haha. Sorry I am not visiting as often as I should. Hopefully things will calm down in the next month...uuugh.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Give my love to the Libster and Rachel too!

  6. Ok so I just re read my post. That's why you're supposed to preview it before you hit my head should be POPPING of NOT POOPING off. That would be ugly...and smelly too:(

  7. How could that be MORE perfect? It looks like heaven...

    Warm blessings,

  8. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Love the picture of the tea cup!

  9. That's what I call a good day as well. The simple life. Yes, I would call the simple life with small daily pleasures the best times of all.

  10. Ahhh...your china and daughter are this is what spring afternoons are supposed to be like...I am on my way over... Don't put that tea tray away! Rosie

  11. Bonjour ~ I admit it. I am so jealous of lucky you! What I wouldn't give for one lazy spring day. Since we build homes for a living, not happening. I will just have to enjoy lazy days, vicariously through you! Hope you don't mind. Oh, I am so happy to see that the lilacs survived! Happy Wednesday! ~ Chelle

  12. Kate, it all sounds was the first nice day here in a has been raining to beat the band...and the sun is out and the temperature is lovely...i wish i had the hammock hanging in my yard...i would trot my computer outside and do my blog visits from there!!!

  13. i'm totally 'swaggin' your hammock, tea, and alcott!

  14. What a gorgeous tea! May I join you? What lovely china you have my dear and that silver tray is just darling. Wonderful post. Hope you are having a great week Kate!

  15. You would not have had to twist my arm to relax in that hammock with tea and Little Women. It all sounds and looks so lovely.


  16. Excellent way to spend an afternoon. I noticed a copy of Little Women... one of my all-time favorites! Your lilacs are gorgeous!

    Nita Jo

  17. Sigh! So blissful!!! LOVELY china.

    P.S. I like boring, too ;)

  18. what a sweet post! and it's funny, cause I was just outside taking photos of some lilacs here around the corner!

    so pretty! leisure...good book...a hammoc...what more could a girl ask for!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  19. and I forgot one last thing...

    i always say...

    'Boredom breads creativity!'


  20. Awww, I wanna come for some tea. So lovely. Enjoy your spring-hard for me to imagine it being still cold. :P

  21. You were right. The hammock is perfect!

  22. That is a GOOD day!

    And I am ALL about boring, boring is good!

    Glad you're back! :-)


  23. Sounds like a perfect day to me! LOVE those luscious lilacs!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!

  24. That cup and saucer are gorgeous and the tea doesn't lok too bad either! Lucey xx

  25. Thanks Kate, I really like the words of encouragement. I can't wait to see your journal pages, that the next class I want to take. Have a great day. Hugs, Carol Mae

  26. had one perfect day!!



  27. sounds like a perfect afternoon ~ love the hammock! Your lilacs look beautiful as well. I'm so glad mine finally did something :)

    btw, love your new look ~ header etc...keep forgetting to tell you that but I think it everytime I see your header!


  28. Hey Lady, Love the photos.... The Lilacs, the Hammock ~ I wish I was there to just be Boring with You.... Boring is like Average, a Good Thing..... I Am Still Grounded, I was side tracked with clearing out that entire storage room, which then made my living room a Disaster! but Now I am moving on to going thru all the boxes, the shelves in the Storage room will be Stuffed with all the "Stuff" to Keep & Sell ~ I hope to be done tonight, since Friday morning is our garbage day & would rather get it all out of here....
    Well, had to take a wee bit of a break~ talk again soon

  29. ohh- what a lovely day. I love lilacs and am so jealous because we don't have them here in TX.

    BTW - you might want to stop by my blog :)

  30. Hi Kate,

    I am feeling lazy, too. That good weather will do that to you! Unfortunately I have a fair coming up soon and my daughter (who usually does them with me) is leaving for Mexico...Waaaah! She is making things but it is not the same doing it without her!

    Those photographs were so beautiful that they just made me sigh! I think you take the loveliest pictures . I got to enjoy the lilacs without having to sniff them...they are a favorite but I am allergic.

    We sure learn to appreciate our Spring in Minnesota, don't we?

  31. So happy you got to spend some time outdoors and enjoy some pretty weather.
    Love this post and your pictures are lovely. I miss the lilacs I use to have in my yard. Yours are beautiful as you are too.
    Glad I got to stop by for a minute tonight. Christi is keeping me in bed so much I can't visit much.
    Hope you enjoy another week like this one

  32. Hiya hunni.
    I know, I know I'm really sorry for being so positivly bad at keeping in touch over the last couple of months.
    I must say you have perfect timeing with your last message as things are getting rather exciting here.
    I shall email you in a minute.

  33. The perfect way to spend a day...I am looking for one of those days this weekend...hope I will find it. xoxo

  34. Hey kate! I'm glad to hear you've really been relaxing and enjoying the weather. Those lilacs are so pretty. I love the pictures you took. That looks like a magazine layout. Did you fix that lovely spot up for your daughter or you. If her she is very lucky. If you did it for you, I need to take your cue. Now I'm gonna be dreaming of a day like that.

    Do you have more games coming up or is your season over?

    Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful, blessed day. xxoo's...Tracy :)

  35. Oh how I miss that spot at my parents home! Loved reading under the trees in their hammock! So nice...

  36. I love the way you are such a girlie girl!! Awesome photos, Kate.