Monday, May 10, 2010

My Girl

Mother's Day made me stop and reflect upon my kids.

My kids are totally swag. 
(They would kill me if I called them good, awesome, sweet, etc.)

I am actually lovin' having two teenage girls.  I am already sad that my oldest is growing up.  I sit back and try to figure her out because I don't know where her philosophy of life came from.  She is so not me.

She takes her own path in life. 

She doesn't fit the traditional, cookie-cutter "girl" mode.

She is content with who she is, doesn't try to be like all the other girls.

She has post-it notes of inspirational song lyrics above her bed.

She supports breast cancer with her black "Save the boobies" bracelet instead of the traditional pink and use of the word breast.

She has music blasting out of her room at all hours of the night.

She hides in her room reading at all hours of both the night and day.

She is one tough chic.  I suspect she threatened a boy with his life for picking on her younger brother.  (I'm not gonna ask about that one...)
I ask myself,

Then I looked back at my last post.

Sorry girl, but you even got my bubble butt from spending way too much time on the ice.

Look on the bright side, maybe you can get Daddy's legs. 
They can do miraculous things with electrolysis now days!


  1. what a beauty to have such a great heart!

    she sounds amazing and like that apple
    didn't fall far from that tree!

  2. ...this sounds pretty much how my Jewel is!! she is 13 ~ going on 17!! I am thrilled with her "mind of her own" spirit (although sometimes it does cloud her judgement when I'm just trying to guide her!!!) You'd think she's an old soul, but thank you Jesus, for this girl of mine!! ~ strong, feminine girls/ love the combo!!
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Hi there, I have a son like that and guess what, we need more of those kind of kids in this world, the ones that stand up for what they believe in kind!It's scarey when our kid's dont mix in easily with the herd, but it makes me feel proud that my youngest son (same age) is not afraid to be unique! Happy mothers day! Sharon xx

  4. Love this pic! Super cute! & she is growing up too fast-way too fast.

  5. Swag, huh? I am so quickly out of it! Your daughter is incredible. Where do they come from? I do not know. I often wonder that myself.

    (she is also just beautiful!!!!)


  6. yes....reminds me of a girl I know...reads, music, takes her own path...I think you know her wayyy to well :)

  7. She's a cutie. Girls need to be strong now-a-days. (My daughter is a 2nd degree black belt.) I'd love to hear the boy story with the brother....:)

  8. My girls are 31 and 35 now. Hard for me to believe. One is much like me; the other not so much. They live in another state, but I keep them close to my heart.

  9. Kate, your daughter is a beauty...and she sounds like she is nobodies follower...which i think is wonderful...

  10. They Do Grow up so Fast ~ But then the Relationship Just Changes, It Does Not Go Away..... I guess cause my kids are older, not up on the Sway ~ So I Say Beautiful.....
    My Girls aren't like me either, sometimes I wonder Who they Are ~ I Am My GrandMother.....

    So When is that big Flea ~ Antique thing out by You..... we need to plan something~

  11. Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

  12. How wonderful!
    One day, probably not too far off in the distant future, she's gonna look back on what you've written here and melt.
    Probably not now though, 'cause she's a teen, and that just wouldn't be cool. ;-)


  13. I have two teenage girls (17 and 11) and they are soo different. My eleven year old is a "nature" girl spends all her time with horses and still thinks she is one.My seventeen year old is all about make up, clothes and boys. No inspirational lyrics in her room, music blasting out? Yes!But oh, how i love them. xx

  14. You are the best mom ever! Love your words. xoxo

  15. Hi Kate,
    Love this post! Your daughter sounds wonderful & she is darling!!


  16. Your daughter sounds like a beautiful, wonderful young lady! I know you must be very proud!

  17. Did you steel my daughter Kate? You just described my Brittany almost exactly! Brittany has song lyrics and poetry on little pieces of paper all around her bed, listens to music all hours, hides in her room and reads, a bit of a rebel in a good way, Yep, Yep, all of that. LOL. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  18. Hey Kate! Here I have been wondering where you've been lately and somehow missed your post. She is so beautiful, really gorgeous. Bet Daddy's having a hard time accepting all the guys that must be lining up. And you are so funny!!! I think she's gonna be much more like her Mother than either one of your think.

    Hugs and Smiles...Tracy :)

    I've got a giveaway starting tomorrow, come on by for a visit and be sure to enter.

  19. Oops, I guess that tomorrow would actually be today. Hee-hee.

  20. Kate I think beautiful is just not quite enough to describe your sweetheart. She is just too adorable and looks just like you.
    I love this post about her and that she is her own person and to heck with the other girls and their ways tells us a lot about her.
    Tell her I appreciate the support of the boobs because I am a breast cancer survivor myself and for someone her age to support us is awesome.
    Kate your a wonderful person inside and out that is why your children are like they are today.
    Yes honey they grow up way to fast but they will always be your babies and love their mom.
    I love you too and thanks for the Birthday wishes. I hurt really bad today but I had slacked off on the pain pills and found I can not do that.
    If my house sells and I get well I will have to meet our Mom and Dad...and of course you all too..hahaha....I have a feeling I am older than your mom and dad...I know this without meeting them that I love them already too for having such beautiful daughters.

  21. Ahhh... Kate,
    she is definitely "button" cute...

    I am willing to "lend" you a little sunshine,to brighten your weekend,as long as, when it is rainy and miserable here, you will remember to send it back special delivery...;D on Rosie...........

  22. Kate, thanks for stopping by, sounds like your Lilac's are beautiful. My husband and 4 friends are leaving tonight for Lake of the Woods, US side to do some serious fishing for a week, imagine "the house all to myself??" WOW hope I don't get too lonely LOL. Should be able to get lots of garden work and art work accomplished. Maybe even a bit of relaxing. hope your weekend is great. Many Smiles, Carol Mae

  23. Well good morning are so very sweet to, visit me first thing in the morning...and such kind words to boot!...Have a wonderful weekend and report back on Monday, with all the juicy on Rosie

  24. What a beauty your girl is, Kate! Wonderful, wise words.

    Do have a great new week! xxooxx

  25. Hey Kate! Just heading to bed and can barely keep my eyes open. I miss hearing from you but am assuming you must be having a blast this weekend. Hope it was fun. I'll talk to you tomorrow!

    Hugs...Tracy :)

    P.S. Did I tell you about my giveaway already. Hope you enter. You'll have to go back a few post. xxoo's

  26. Well good morning Sweet Kate,
    Ya, we managed to get a few nice ones...once the "nature walk" commenced, not a whole lot got done...a good day was had by Rosie

  27. I'm laughing so hard I have tears!!! I love her! I wish I had enough confidence to be that "swag" in my teens. Good thing I can do it now ;)

    P.S. Laser hair removal is a fine thing, too (not that I have personal knowledge).

  28. your eldest and swag-tastic-estMay 19, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    I appreciate your use of the word swag,mom.
    And btw that kid had it coming, honestly I swear he did.