Thursday, May 27, 2010

Party Girl

I love to throw a good party.  

Libbie likes to throw a good party also.  Annie's birthday is coming up, and what a better occasion to celebrate than my girl turning six?

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Lib asked me to host Annie's birthday in my garden.  I jumped all over it.

Your first response is, "Girl, are you crazy?" 
An afternoon of 18 five and six-year-olds running all around the house?

I am still committed.  For purely selfish reasons.  

Let me explain, the fact of the matter is that Lib has Kelly, her husband,  wrapped around her finger.  If she tells that boy to work, he works.  If she tells that boy that we need wooden benches made for Annie's party, we are taking a trip to Home Depot to buy lumber.  If she tells that boy that I need a pergola in my front yard for Annie's party, he is showing up with power tools.

Got the picture???

I mean come on, Sweet Bluebird is graduating next year!  I gotta get to work!

So last Saturday, even though I had planned on spending the day working on a creation for Thespa's contest, (go check it out, and she is having a fab giveaway too, you really need to go spend some time with that girl if you haven't already met her.  She makes the most to-die-for-beautiful creations that you really need to see, click here)  I spent the day making wooden peg dolls for Annie's birthday.

One for each girl who is coming.  And we are painting them to look like each girl.  

Not quite finished yet, but they are coming along, aren't they?

And yes, these babies are way more work than they look. 

But for a girl who named me Auntie Cake?  It's all good.

To see what Libbie has been planning for the party, click here.


  1. That will be a great party, I'm sure!!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  2. They are turning out SO cute!
    I love Zadies! ;)

  3. i was wondering how you got that name...that is SO sweet, and yes i would do anything for someone that cute too...the little dolls you are making are totally adorable, those girls are going to be so happy when they see them!!! you rock Kate!!!

  4. how very cute!! what a great party.
    do you think Libbie will send an invite my way :)
    love that she calls you auntie cake, very cute

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I just look at them & know exactly who they are! they are wayyyy to cute!

  6. The party will be amazing...take lots of photos...we want to see them. xoxoxo

  7. Oh my, kate, your talented, these pieces are the loveliest. The bright sparkling colors are awesome. My son is turning 6 too, next Friday. Thinking about the cake and the party too. Wishing you a creative, party pre-joying Thursday. xx

  8. It's going to be a fab party. loving the peg girlies, might have to borrow that idea! Where did you get the pegs from and how big are they? K xxx

  9. Those are so sweet and a wonderful idea. They are going to love them! Marcia

  10. Love those Kate! I really need to come to a party put on by you two, I still dream of having a victorian party like the one you had, but now I've turned all of my corquet balls into photo holders, so I will have to look for new ones! (mine were super old anyway) I can't wait to see the benches and pergola, I really wish I had that kind of power over Duane but alas I use the power tools more than he does! I can't wait to see more pics, I love the dolls and everything I've seen so far. Have a great weekend! Theresa

  11. Those are fabulous. Can you be my kids Auntie cake too? LOL Adorable.

  12. Those little dolls remind me of the ones Avon sold about 35 years ago. They were of all different nationalities and ethnicities, and I think they had bubble bath or soap in them. So cute!

    I left Libbie a comment about becoming a party planner. Seriously, you two ought to consider it!

    And I hope you get your pergola! :)

  13. It is sure to be a special party! I love how you painted the dolls to look like each guest. That is adorable! Lillian's birthday is in August are you avaliable? lol Have a great weekend.

  14. Kate, I love that idea-to make them look like each partier! Good painting there, too. I know it will be a blast. I expect lots of pics from you two!

  15. you are TOO much! how adorable!!!!

    my kids used to say, "hey thanks, mom, you
    made me a cake for my birthday!" that would
    be a good year. :)

  16. Is there anything that you can't do?

    Try to think of something.

    Fine then. I'm going to sit in a corner and pout.

    Just kidding! Love the dolls.

    And your brother-in-law with the power tools and your visions of a perjola, etc.

    I hear ya.

    Sweet dreams.

  17. Kate these are just the cutest girls I have ever did you come up with this for her party. Darling everyone will remember this Birthday party all their lives.
    What a precious Aunt you are..can't wait to see the end results of everything

  18. This is so wonderful...what a lucky little girl to have such a "groovy" aunt as yourself... on...Rosie

  19. That is totally awesome girl! And those little peg dolls are just adorable you guys did an amazing job on those, I love all those fun colors! My Abbi would go crazy over those. Have fun!

  20. Adorable! Do you sell these???

  21. Hey Kate!!! Oh' what fun, I'll be right over to be you're helper for the party. Those peg dolls are so cute. I made some with the old fashion clothes pins for Ki'a at Christmas. That was my first try and I was surprised at how much harder it was to make them as cute as the ones I had seen. I am a horrible painted but thought this couldn't be simpler. Boy, I was wrong. I have no sense of proportion. I want to do some more though. Your turned out as cute as can be. She's gonna love 'em. New gazebo, new oh my!

    Have a fun weekend. ooxx's...Tracy :)

    P.S. Thanks for sharing the giveaways. I'm off to check out the other sites too.

  22. To answer your question: NO dental insurance. I am thankful GOD worked it out so that we can make payments.
    Hugs, andrea

  23. Ahhh girlfiend, I feel your pain,our house is really old and consequently when ever there is a reno, we never know what we are getting into.
    Two years ago we noticed that our sun room corner post was sinking. The nice fellow who came to have a look at it said "you have two weeks to decide what you want to do, otherwise you could loose all those original glass panes to the pressure" make a long story short, it started with a rotten post and snowballed into the WHOLE MAIN FLOOR. We lived in our basement for Three months. All I can say is "it is so worth it". You will love the out come...just keep your eye on the will make it the out come...can't wait to see...sending a long hug...Rosie

  24. Those babies are tooooooo cute!

  25. What I wouldn't give to be at that sweet party!
    How can you not be crazy about that little curly haired gal, right? :-)


  26. The little dolls are turning out so cute! The party will be such fun.

  27. How sweet are these little things! You are so there anything you don't do....footballer, baker, gardener, party planner, mother, wife....AMAZING!

    Hope your weekend is fabulous-don't work too hard!

    Best wishes,

  28. These are so sweet! Have fun!

    I just got back from a week in Wyoming - I'm so glad you received my package. I can't wait to see what you do with some of it!

  29. How sweet!!! You are an awesome sister to that awesome sister of yours.