Sunday, October 25, 2009

Come in, come in!

I love to decorate both the outside and inside of my house for the changing seasons.  One of the benefits of growing corn in your backyard is instant decorations for no $$$ and no having to clean out the car. Yeah!  I couldn't wait for the end of the growing season so I could use the dried corn to decorate my front porch posts.  This is how my front porch looks for fall.  (Some day I, my husband will get around to taking down those poor hanging ferns! Honey???  I'll hold the ladder...)

Here is a pic of my front door, I need to paint it a different color to go with our new siding color, (I prefer to call my new siding gray by the way, sometimes it looks a little blue for my taste, but it is supposed to be gray.)
  Living in Minnesota I take my cement bird bath out of my garden during the winter to help save it from the snow and ice.  I usually store it on my front porch where it is more protected.  It is awesome to use to hold seasonal decorations.  Not to mention the great workout I get while moving it from the garden to the front porch.

I got this webbing from the fabric section at Walmart, it was only $.67 a yard.  Major score!  It was the perfect material for making a rustic fall bow.  I am thinking we need to have a nature/rustic Christmas tree in our basement this year just so I can use my $2.50 bow again.

No front porch is complete without a rocking chair.  It is one of my favorite places to sit and read a good book. 

My husband and I got each other these lions for our anniversary last year.  I named them Apollo and Zeus, I like to think they guard our house when we are away.  And yes, I do talk to them as I walk by!

Good night Apollo!


  1. Your house is looking festive as always!

  2. I love your front porch!!! I love how you moved the birdbath there & use it in your decor. And I love the lions. I want some.

  3. I love your porch, too -- so festive looking for fall! Just curious, how do you tell Apollo and Zeus apart? (LOL...ducking)

  4. Okay, I know it's crazy but I really do love those guys. I usually dress them up with the seasons but things have been so crazy around here that I didn't get to it yet. And it's A to Z, as you stand looking at them Apollo is on the left and Zeus is on the right. I know, I'm weird...

  5. That bow is pretty cool. I'll be right over!

  6. I love how you decorated your front porch...I love. Love to decorate too.

    And the siding on our house is gray-but-sometimes-blue also.

    You did a great job.

    Sweet dreams.