Friday, October 30, 2009

A Fun Way to Spend a Buck.

With the economy down in the dumps, almost everyone I know is cutting back on their spending.  I certainly have cut down, but I am learning to better appreciate the money I do spend.  I think I am also making more creative spending choices.  Every now and then I might share some fun ways that I spend a dollar.  It's amazing what you can still do with a dollar and some creativity!

I found these pumpkins at Walmart for a dollar each.
I bought those babies right up, glittered them, stuck them on a stick, and viola, a fun wand!

I can picture the kids running around with them tomorrow night. (I can also picture two little boys I know whacking each other over the head with these.  Their version of a "pumpkin head"!)

They were so much fun, I had to make extra to give away.

Remember this guy from the Dollar Store?  Well, he looked a little lonely.  I glittered that little guy up, then stuck him on a stick also.

I keep dowels on hand as I have been making wands for the last 16 years.  You never know what might end up on a stick around my house!

Hope you enjoyed some ways that I find to spend a buck.  What are some of your dollar ideas?

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  1. What creative idea's you have! I love it!! We are reading the Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" so I can certainly appreciate making a dollar go further. Your blog is so cute! My hubby used to be a volunteer fireman. He stays pretty busy now being a soldier, but thank you for how your husband and family serve! Have a great weekend!