Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Treasure Hunt

Yesterday I had my niece over for a day of fall fun.  The day was a picture-perfect fall day, and we went on our "Looking for Fall Treasures" walk in the woods.  When Annie comes over, the first thing she does is to peek into my fairy house to see what the fairies have left. 

She loves to wear this fairy ring when she comes over.  She is good about putting it back so the fairies will always have their beautiful finds.

And we're off!

We headed off down the road in front of my house on our search.

Along the road, we found loads of beautiful leaves to take home.

Then we headed into the woods.

Did I mention it was a beautiful fall day?
The day was a welcomed and wonderful gift when this fall has been so rainy and cold.

We found many different types of moss.  We also loaded up our basket with bark, twigs, vines, leaves, pine cones and  a couple of acorns the squirrels had missed.

Tempting fate.  (She assured me that she knows how to swim...)

My dog had as much fun as we did.

Then we headed home and made this treasure box.  (Directions can be found on Country Living website here) I covered a matchbox with velveteen fabric and we glued her "treasures" on top of the box.  That girl was a madwoman with the glue gun.  I am lucky she didn't glue my entire kitchen down!

Thanks, Annie, hope you had fun!


  1. Zade wants to know when she gets to raid your fairy cage and go for the treasure walk!
    Looks fun Kat- Great pictures, & I love the "treasure box" at the end!

  2. Can I come along on a nature walk, too?? You gotta be the BEST aunt in the world. I don't know about all those fairies, though, I always wondered, are there only good fairies these days???

  3. Oh are far more wonderful than you let on to be. You are creative, loving, thoughtful, fun, and precious. Thank you friend.

  4. Sorry that it says anonymous but I wasn't sure how to do the others and this one worked. But it's me, Sally!!!!! Love you Kate.

  5. Love your blog!!! Your sweet sister Libbie shared yours with me when she visited mine! I read your little "bio" and we sound like we could be related too! :)
    Have a lovely day!
    Many Blessings!

  6. Will you be my aunt? Your niece is so lucky to have an aunt like you. Looks like you had fun. I'm sure your niece will always treasure her visit to Auntie's.

  7. For sure Kim. I will take all the nieces and nephews I can get. And you even have your own house to go home to!!!

  8. Oh, that's such a sweet thing to do! I'd even like it at my age!

  9. Annie is a DOLL! Plus, she has a *great* name! ;-)
    Best of luck in my giveaway!

  10. So Sweet and I adore the little matchbox Annie made. Such a cute idea and one that I think my daughter would love.