Monday, October 19, 2009

My first Halloween Swap!

I am an avid fan of the blog joli-paquet and was excited to join in on their Halloween Swap. I have spent the last month dreaming and creating some fun Halloween decorations. My swap partner recently had surgery and then an illness, so I am hoping my package will be a bright spot in her recovery. Hope you enjoy the package Cathy!
A Halloween book and a poisoned apple to go with it I put a lock on the book
and found a great set of keys in the scrapbooking section at Michael's.

My crow friend, I found him at a dollar store, of course I had to glitter him up! Then I added a Halloween crown.

A butterfly mask, a spider web coaster, and the key to the book.

My favorite piece, a glittered mask. You can find the plain mask at Michael's and make your own masterpiece. I added some feathers from my rooster and a glittered spider to the bow.

The kids all love it when I make them a new wand. Here are some Halloween wands.

A close up of the wands.

Some treat boxes.

I love to paint the bottom of a matchbox then cover the top part with scrapbook paper as a fun treat box. I filled this one with pumpkin truffles.

Another favorite of mine. A candy garland. They are a lot of work to make, but well worth the time and energy!

Details of the candy garland. A calorie free way to enjoy candy!

Thanks for sharing my first swap with me. I had a great time putting this together. Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Enjoy the beautiful fall day!


  1. I think you need a crown like the crow's for yourself ;)
    JK Cake!
    Beautiful decorations- love your use of glitter!

  2. Your swap partner is one lucky gal. You are very creative. I love everything. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm lucky I have a son who does computers so he helps me some. But most of the computer stuff I've been able to figure out on my own. Just ask questions & bloggers will help. Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I signed up to be a follower.

  3. What a wonderful swap partner you are! I'm sure she loved everything you created.