Sunday, October 18, 2009


I need to start off this first post with a confession. Maybe some of you can relate. Then again, probably not. Here goes, drumroll please, I am terrible at computers. Whew, that was difficult to admit. So... bear with me as I get used to this. It has taxed every fiber of my being just to get this far.

Reading blogs has been a really enjoyable part of my life for a while now. I confess to having felt left out by not having my own blog. (My kids say blogging is totally "not cool", oh well kids, I'm your mom, I will never be cool to you, that you will admit to anyways!) But I want to make it known, this blog is friendly to those of you who don't have your own blog!!!

Today is a big day in my life, not only did I start blogging, I joined my first swap! I will post pictures in a later post.

Those are my lovely children, they are going to kill me for that top picture, but it was one of the only pictures I had on my camera of the four of them together. ( I am hoping to get better at capturing their life) The #2 child, AKA Captain Awesome, self-titled btw, has a totally different haircut by now. One day he will look back and ask why on earth I let him wear his hair that way.

Just an explanation of Auntie Cake. No, this blog will not be all about cakes. Sorry. When my niece, this cutie, just started talking, she couldn't get Kate, my real name, out. Instead she called me Cake...and it just stuck. Not that I don't love cake!
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  1. I LOVE these pictures of your kids!

    Makes me look forward to this years Christmas card! No pressure but Mike historically has always thought your cards are the cutest!