Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the Birds...

Our dad recently has taken an interest in feeding his neighborhood bird friends.  For years, the only hobby dad has had was working, so we are all thrilled with his new interest.  Of course, his new hobby became the theme for his party.  As we started planning his party on Tuesday, came up with the theme on Thursday, and held the party on Sunday, these ideas were quick and easy. 

I have had this feathered tree for years.  I found the bird ornaments half price after Christmas at Target.  It was a fun centerpiece for a table. 

We created our own labels for water bottles.  We just printed off the words on the computer, and I was able to find a bird stamp set at Michael's.

Of course we had to use a bird bath to hold the water bottles!

I made bird nest cookies- butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, peanut butter, chow mien noodles, and Jelly Belly eggs. A fast and  fun addition to the dessert buffet.  I sprinkled sunflower seeds over the plate to look like bird seed.

A bird cage held the cards. 

My dry-erase calendar was a fun way to showcase pictures of our dad.  We added fun captions to all the pictures.  (Everyone who visits my house LOVES this 4 X 6 foot calendar.  Just an FYI~ the calendar was a bit out of my price range.  When it went on sale at Pottery barn, I was able to convince my husband to let me purchase it by using "Honey, it will organize our lives and you will know what we are doing at all times."  Worked like a charm...  Hope you can use this!)

I also cut out letters using my new Cricut (a Christmas present from my in-law's) and attached them to this magnetic board from IKEA.  Another fun addition to grace the dessert buffet.

Plastic sippy cups drive me crazy at my house.  I always make the kids fun straws and jelly jar sippy cups.  (My son drilled holes the size of straws in lids of jelly jars and sanded all the shavings off the other side) I caught Bo climbing the pantry shelves to get his cup down.  I think it's a safe bet to say that the kids adore their fun cups.  And they look so cute!!!  The birds were cut with my Cricut.

My favorite idea...  I made wire bird nests from Cathe Holden of  JSIM, tutorial found here, and created napkin rings out of them.  I placed the napkins in (purchased) nests that I had.  Everyone loved them, and many of the women were wearing them as rings. 

Hope you can use some of these ideas in a party of your own!


  1. Loved the napkin rings- and the water bottles in the bird bath- at the party I was so busy- I hadn't even noticed the cute personalized labels. I can't believe how much thought/work you put into it! Thanks Kat!

  2. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! And GREAT!! If you are not a party planner, you should be! I myself am a bird addict, so this is over the top!! I love what you do. Thanks so much for your inspiration!! '
    BTW, stop over and enter my giveaway if you WISH!!

  3. Wow!!!! Those were such cool ideas. And Sharon is absolutely right. You'd make a perfect party planner. I love all the creative theme ideas.

    Wonderful job, I bet Dad had a wonderful time.

    Happy Wishes....Tracy

    P.S. Did I tell you that I love the blog paper. Really nice.

  4. Wow! Good Job! Really, really good job!

  5. Bonjour,
    I agree, you should be a party planner. Love that huge wall calender and those pretty napkin holders.
    Thank you so much for sharing how you met your husband on my blog - it happens so quickly dosen't it - next thing you know you zipping down the road on the back of a motorcycle with a handsome man. It was exciting!

  6. What great ideas you have there and I bet much fun was had by all, love Lucey xx

  7. It was totally a gorgeous party! All those little details made it so special for dad! He was very honored by all your work in his honor! Thanks Kate for all your work! It was so lovely!

  8. Hi Kate, Thanks so much for the nice comment on my heart pocket journal. I may have to make a few more of these,for myself also. Hope my shop is working, not sure if the paypal button is working?
    No way of knowing until someone clicks on it"yike's" I sure hope it works, otherwise back to the drawing board we go. Take care, Carol Mae

  9. Very nicely executed! I saw those same ornaments on sale at Target and thought, now I could sure use those for something!

    Your dad sounds a lot like mine - work has been his only hobby, with an ocassional computer game on the weekend. He retired last month rather suddenly, so we didn't even get to have a party!

  10. Wow! What a great theme party. Did the guest of honor enjoy himself?

    Everything looks so cute!

  11. Oh.My.Goodness Kate!

    I looooooooove this post. I about went nuts over everything you put together for this party! I ADORE the bird nest cookies! I must make these-I actually love everything you did! I'm so glad you shared this with us!

    Hope you are having a wonderful new year so far!


  12. You are so clever and creative! Love all of these ideas, especially the water bottles in the bird bath and your jars with the straws...too cute!

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could drop in and discover your lovely spot on the web. This party was precious, and I look forward to exploring more of your blog -- and your sidebar. I see several blogs I would like to check out there too. I plan to follow your blog!

  14. I want a party exactly like that! How adorable!
    Those bird's nest cookies are just precious.

    Well done! :-)


  15. i love birds and love your post! all your diy ideas are so cute!
    i have an award for you.. please come and get it!
    with love,

  16. Robin's egg blue = fav color bird cage = I colllect them candy = say no more bird eggs = all over my home your ideas and post FAB!!!!! Jennifer

  17. I love all things birds/nests, etc. and to have a birdbath inside, well I've always loved this idea. I like putting a glass top on mine and lights inside, so pretty. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week of the New Year!

  18. I am so in love with all of your ideas :) The canning jar sippy cups are fabulous!

  19. Wow! What a great party and so many clever ideas! I'm inspired. Now I just need an excuse to throw a big, fun whopping party. It sounds like your Dad enjoyed it and I'm glad. :)

  20. I want everything here. Love all the bird, nest, aqua blue!!!

  21. I just love your theme and all of the decor is precious! I love the Ikea board...might have to go get that. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your sweet comments, meant a lot to me. Terri

  22. Those are delightful party decorations, but I think that the nests are my biggest fave! So cute!