Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Just Can't Win...

2010 has been off to a stressful start at our house, so I am attempting to pamper Big Fireman a bit...

I made him breakfast in bed, and as I carried the tray into our room, he rolled over, looked at me suspiciously, and asked,
"What is all this?"
"Nothing, just trying to be nice to you, that's all..."
"Do you want something?"
"No, I'm really just trying to be nice to you..."
"Kate, I thought we went over this, you're not nice!!!"

Sigh... I think I have my work cut out for me.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I want breakfast in bed!!! That is so funny!!!

  2. Those guys always thinking we have ulterior motives! I don't know you well yet as I have just started following your blog but I would think you were awfully nice to have brought breakfast in bed :)

    I have those same square pink plates...

  3. You are a better womean than I am!!

    Love the post on the bento box, beautiful eye candy, and it's so nice to learn this. The cute cooking link is awesome too. Thanks Kate!!

  4. How funny! Tell him you're trying to "change your image" :)

  5. Aw, sweetie. I hope the day gets better (((hugs)))

  6. Good Luck with that!

    I'll be over for breakfast tomorrow :)

  7. How touching and yummy, all at the same time. BTW, we're never too old to change. I have resolved after reading your blog that I need to be more fun. Let's do it!

  8. you make such a cute thing... i will never understand men, uffa... my husband gets his breakfast to bed every sunday... and he never says thank you...
    great week to you too!

  9. OH my gosh how funny is this. Honey you tell him that he does not want Ms. Pearl to come out now thats not nice.....I finally got Libbles fudge made and I am sending her extra so you can have a piece but none for the hubby....hahahahaha

  10. How funny! My hubbie would probably think I had done something bad, to be so nice. teehee...

  11. Bwahahaha! See what you get for being nice? I'd probably get the same response and when he found out I was just trying to be nice, he'd expect me to be nice every weekend!

    Thank you for sharing over at my place, you had me in tears!

    Love and hugs,

  12. Hi Kate, Thanks for the nice comment on my Valentine Collage. Breakfast in bed? What's that like? he's luckey, I think the same thing would happen to me!! Men!!. Hope your day goes very well. Hugs, Carol Mae

  13. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for coming to visit me! I just love when you and Libbie come and visit!!
    You're too funny. I guess your hubby's gonna regret his words to you next weekend when he has to get out of bed and come downstairs to have breakfast. Hmmm ...maybe there won't even be any:( After all, he DID say you weren't even nice:) HaHa!
    That's what he gets for being a skeptic!
    As far as the gold sofas of Libbie's go, maybe she can do SOMETHING with them. If not they'll just have to move into a palace. That sounds like her, Huh?????
    Have a great day and keep being nice, even if the skeptics may not think so!!!

  14. What a wonderful husband and wife exchange! What you should do now is doing something even bigger and grander, just to keep him going. LOL

  15. Hi Kate,
    I have a Happy 101 Award for you over on my blog. It's a thank you for always being so sweet to me and making me happy when you come to visit me!

  16. Hi Kate ... that is so cute ... it sounds like you guys have a great sense of humor .. I always tell my kids to be sure your mate makes you laugh ... that should always be on the top of the list... and my favorite is a 'dry sense of humor' ... it sounds like your hubby is witty and cute.
    One more thing .. I'd love breakfast in bed brought to me by my husband ..but then I'd have to jump out of bed to go clean the kitchen
    Actually my hubby cooks all of our meals .. yep ..I'm lucky. :^)
    Hugz ...Betty

  17. Thanks for the giggle.... :-)
    Very cute, very funny.