Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Pantry

With all the horrifying news coming out of Haiti, I find it very hard to blog.  Everything I do seems trivial.  But I have noticed I am now craving beautiful images.  I spend way more time than I should looking at all your beautiful sites, and they make me smile.  I am wishing I can put a smile on your face for a bit too.

I stumbled upon a cabinet that I thought might just possibly work in my pantry.  My in-laws (thank you, Dave and Kathy...) sent us a check for Christmas, and I have been just waiting for the right purchase to come along.  I found it, on sale, in all its glory!  And I am so excited...  I now have my farmhouse pantry.

The most miraculous part of the whole thing is that not only did we manage to get it home in one trip (it's huge, eight feet high!), my husband did not complain one bit about having to strap it to the top of my car and drive 35 miles down the interstate with it, and that he loves it as much as I do!  Miracle of miracles!!!  And thank you, Honey, so wonderful of you to put up with me.

I am now using it as my baking station,  I actually have to pull myself out of that room now as I love it so much.  I was going to buy brand new cabinets and put in there, but this piece has a story with it.  I am sure it is going to whisper it to me on some quiet day...
The rolling pin and the colander belonged to my husband's grandma.  I rescued them from the garbage pile when we were moving her.  Her colander stores my baking powder and brown sugar.  I adore having some of her things in there with me.

The rest of the cubbies are hard at work.  I love that it is pretty and practical at the same time. 


  1. Wow Kate- what a great find! Perfect for you!

  2. How wonderful Kate, to have a place for everything, and everything in it's place! Love the look of it. How sweet that your husband was such a great guy to help without fussing!
    love ya,

  3. Holy Moly Kate! What an amazing find you lucky, lucky girl! I love it and you did an amazing job filling it perfectly. How wonderful that you rescued your husbands grandma's lovely items and how wonderful that your husband didn't fuss about bringing your treasure are blessed my friend!

    Love and hugs,

  4. What a fabulous piece! I love it! Your husband is a great guy - I hate to strap anything to the roof of my car let alone do that and go on the highway! I don't even like it when we put the Christmas tree on the roof!


  5. Wow Kate! That is so cool! I love the glass knobs, they always get me goin:) What a great piece for your pantry, Lucky Girl! ~ Theresa

  6. This cabinet is beautiful!! WOW!!
    Praying for all those in Haiti,

  7. Fabulous find Kate! And not one word of complaint from your sweet husband. It is so special that you have his Grandma's things to use and display.

  8. What a beautiful work station! I love the treasures from Grandma too.

    Have just caught up on your older posts and have had some good laughs! Thanks for your humorous look at the realities of being a wife and mother.

    Best wishes, Natasha.
    PS Hope you don't mind but I have tagged you with a Happy award!

  9. That is such a fab pantry! How wonderful for all the cards to fall into place for it to come to your home!

  10. That looks great! You decorated it so beautifully. I love how you put some family treasures in with the regular things. Good hubbie too! :)

  11. ...oh how absolutely fabulous!!!! You will have so much fun displaying in this cabinet! xo

  12. That is one gorgeous pantry. It's exquisite and looks like it would be perfect for you. I'm happy that you found something you love and that your dh was willing to haul it home without complaint. I hope you enjoy baking and creating many yummy creations at it.

    My heart is heavy for Haitians. I'm still trying to figure out what I can do. I guess pray and send some money. Our family might go and volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. I should pull a few families together to go over there. You wouldn't be interested in that, would you? (It's in Eagan, closer to you than me, actually!) If you've never done it before, it's a blast. My children love volunteering there!


  13. What a beautiful piece! I love all the areas to display....gorgeous!


  14. Oh Kate, I just love it! The family pieces make it so extra special. Thanks for sharing this happiness during such a sad time. We all need a little happy every day.

  15. Hi Kate,

    The Cupboard is The Perfect Piece.... I Love how you have it set up ~ now, was it Really Strapped to the Top of Your Car (I hope a Large SUV) What a Sweet Hubby & Gifted from Your In-Laws, how Wonderful~


  16. Hey...we have those same cupcakes :) Just kidding -yes you gave them to us- :) I just wish everyone out there could actually see it! It is much more gorgeous in person! LOVE IT!

  17. That is just a wonderful piece of furniture! Reminds of me of my Big Orange Betty, she's almost as tall. I'm so glad that in the midst of all the gloom, you found something to bring you joy. We all need that. :-)

    Have a great Thursday,

  18. what a beautiful find! i just love it...
    also here in italy we are all with the haitinas..

    have a great day,

  19. what a gorgeous find!!! i love how you have everything displayed on looks lovely with the silver, glass and little punches of color!!!

  20. Hi Kate, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - it's nice to meet you! I love your blog - you have a real knack for photography. All the best, Corinne

  21. Nice new pantry! i like the jars and cupcakes. catherine

  22. WOW! What a wonderful find. You have it displayed so beautifully, I thought it was a photo from a catalog - it looks like a magazine shoot in your own home. No wonder you don't want to leave the room! I'd love to have one to do exactly what you did - a baking pantry. Love your displays, especially your family pieces. Thanks for sharing it! (when I'm in MN this fall, we'll have to bake up some cookies :) )

  23. Love it Kate. It's such a pretty cabinet but of course your talent of displaying is what makes it so pretty.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  24. Oh why I love it! I love all your sweet things you have put in it my friend...I can see why you would never want to leave it's side! Enjoy!

  25. Hello Kate,

    I stopped by after a visit to Koralee's blog. What a lovely place you have here!! I love the new cabinet. So many lovely, pretty things. Made me smile :)

    I look forward to stopping back by often.

    Happy weekend,

  26. How lovely! Have to say I am quite jealous! I live in France and came across the cabinet of my dreams also, unfortunately we didnt have the space (or the patient boyfriend!!) Lovely blog btw