Saturday, January 16, 2010

Packing our Bento Box!

Bento Box Fever has hit our house!  My sister posted about her bento box, (here) and I fell instantly in love...  Libbie very sweetly bought my Nature Girl,

a bento box of her very own, and the two of us have had so much fun learning about the Japanese culture.    Come explore with me!!!

Wikipedia describes bento boxes as a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish.   I searched many different sites, a bento box is compact and the packaging of a bento box is an art form.  Apparently there can be a sense of competition between moms to see who can pack the most beautiful and healthy lunch.  Ngoc, of Cooking Cute wrote "It is said that when you eat a bento lunch prepared by a loved one, the preparer’s feelings for you are transmitted through the food"  Her site is here, go check out her beautiful creations, you will love them!

Our bento is not so beautifully prepared, but we had a ton of fun...

Fruit for our bottom layer...

Lib ordered some adorable animal picks that I used for the blueberries, I bought the sushi at Target.

Don't you love the soy sauce bottle?

A hard-boiled egg, we love bunnies around here!  And certainly, the eggs taste better in shapes...  Check out Lib's egg mold, here...

I bought some mango pudding, sesame cakes and rice biscuits at my grocery store.  Her chopsticks fit on top of her box.

Her packed box!
I have to warn you~  this was the first time I packed her box, a school lunch is $2.50, I spent about $15 on her lunch, so much for cost-effectiveness!   I really wanted her to try some different foods to get the "full experience" of using her bento box.  She researched another culture, and had a great time teaching her friends and a few teachers about another culture, so it was worth it.  Next time I am buying some of the dehydrated squid! 


  1. I'm guessing since NG is crazy about shrimp, she probably loved that sushi too- CRAZY!!
    What a fun way for her to eat lunch:)

  2. Wow that's so neat!

    Cute blog!


  3. yum yum yum or as we say in French : "miam" "miam" "miam" :)

  4. I learned something new and exciting today! Now to find a bento box...

  5. Kate, I am a bluebird collection. Is it possible to purchase your adorable necklace as featured on bluebird notes? Thank you for listening. (

  6. What a great way to learn culture! I love it. I bet her friends were jealous at school, too. :)

  7. Back in my day, we would never have dreamed of sushi in a school lunch! I'm not saying I would have eaten it if it had, but kids nowadays are so fortunate to have so many opportunities. I'm liking the egg molds both you and Lib used. And I absolutely love the photo of NG!

    Brenda B

  8. How cute! You always find the best stuff. I would love to take my lunch in one of those boxes. Happy new week to you.

  9. Oh you guys have way too much fun! This makes me wish for grandchildren to share it with (daughters if you read this, no hurries!) Thanks so much for dropping by today. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a beautiful week!

  10. This is something I have avoided because I could very quickly become addicted. LOL. That bunny egg has just about done it for me, though. I grew up in Japan, so this is so reminiscent of childhood for me. Too cute.

  11. That lunch box beats any school dinner!

    Thank you for my lovely messages. I hope the flower making goes well and you stay patient!!
    I think I would like one of those egg moulds...they are adorable :)