Monday, March 8, 2010

Anyone Know How To...

Get rid of an unwanted follower?  I seem to have acquired a follower that I would rather not have as it contains child pornography.  I have no clue how to get rid of them.  I have contacted blogger but haven't hear a word yet.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your instructions, I will leave your comments up in the event that anyone else has the same problem!


  1. can block the site by going to your dashboard and click on your followers, once on that page, you have the option to block. Sadly, I don't know how you can delete them.
    What a shame that ugliness found it's way into your beautiful blog world:(
    Let us know what you did whan you "take out" this trash!!! xo

  2. Hi - I am sorry you have to block a follower - I had to do it once too for the same reason.

    Go to your blogger dashboard screen.
    On the very right of your screen, Click on where it says you have 115 followers
    The photo square list of your followers appears
    Click on the photo of the offending follower
    Then you will have the option to "block this user" and he/she will be blocked from following your blog.

  3. THis is all so good to know!!

  4. How sad that someone would have that sort of blog. Hope you get him/her blocked soon!

    Love the springy look of your blog, btw! :)

  5. These suggestions are better than mine. I was going to suggest castration.

  6. Well!!! For a minute there I thought you wanted to block me, I'm not that bad am I ? lol.

    I hate it when these nasty people pop up, it's frightening isn't it. I'm sorry I can't help. I do hope you managed to get it sorted.


  7. how terrible...honestly, i don't pay huge attention to my list...i hope i don't have any baddies lurking there...

  8. Oh honey. How you do make me laugh. I am grinning from ear to ear, Whitney! And in that case I'm just sure I sound like one of your back up singers.

    Love & sweet dreams, I'm still laughing...Tracy :)

  9. Good info, there are a few creepy people out there in cyberspace. Glad it's none of us, whew! Oh and thanks for the lovely Monday bouquet!

  10. I am with Marla Kate.

    Is it worth contacting the authorities?

    I feel sick now....

    I hope all goes well and that the nasty person leaves you alone.

    Best wishes,