Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye Games!

So long to all my pals that I have spent every possible moment of the last 17 days with.  I will miss you.  I had a great time watching you, cheering you on, (did you hear me yelling?) and celebrating with you. 

Sadly, while watching these games, I realized I must be growing up.  I just might not make it to the winter games as an athlete after all!  Even though I can figure skate, ( I was hoping to make all those 4:30 AM practices pay off, but I don't have a triple axel either...) play hockey, slalom ski, cross-country ski, snowboard and go sliding,  (surely that would count for skeleton?) those coaches just never called me.  My kids wouldn't lose that message... My last hope was in curling, and while I can run on ice, I am terrible at sweeping.  My dreams of competing in the winter games have been crushed this year.

Congratulations to all the athletes who represented their countries so beautifully.  Your determination, dedication, training and grit has inspired millions around the world.

Now I have to go start practicing.  The summer games are only two years away.  This just might be my last chance.  What's this I hear?  Are you laughing at me???

I was really good at track you know...


  1. I enjoyed watching them too! I am sad they are over...Have a great week!

  2. Your make me smile and laugh!! Thanks again for all your kind words! Hugs!

  3. Nope...I'm not laughing, I'm cheering you on!

    My hopes are loooong gone unless they start The Senior Olympics. Maybe we should have blogging Olympics?

    Sadly, I didn't get to see much of the Olympics with the exception of the figure skating. I'm in awe of all of these athletes and the dedication and sacrifice they make to get to the Olympics. Truly amazing!!

    Happy Week Sweet Friend, I hope it's fabulous and that snow of yours melts so you can smell the dirt!!


  4. You'd get a gold medal from me! I can't do one of those activities. I enjoyed watching, too. And what a treat to see Michael Buble last night!

  5. We really loved watching the games, too. I really was stunned at the downhill skiing especially!

  6. Never let your dreams die, Kate. I'd love to see some of that figure skating in action!

  7. So tempting to post your age... ;)

  8. we spent the whole weekend watching games and we (poland) won gold! so exciting!
    have a sweet day :)

  9. You go girl! Ice skating was always something I wanted to learn, but when we finally got an ice rink here in Arkansas I went and realized it just wasn't for me. LOL. On to other things I guess. Hope your Monday if a great one!


  10. Wow, I'm impressed. I'm sorry I didn't see you out there! tee hee.... Yep, get moving on your swimming, you never know. Blessings**

  11. I'm sure you'll get your groove on with the swimming thing.

    Go for it!

    Sweet dreams.

  12. Wow ~ you are very talented! I wish I could do half those things! Well good luck on your headboard....I actually just finished stapling all the white linen on, & decided to take a look at it on the bed & not liking the linen...doesn't look white now I'm going to use a white chenille bedspread I have....I think the extra texture will be good (I hope....) hopefully I'll have it finished & be able to post on it tomorrow or Wed! (I've been focusing!!! ha ha)


  13. I so agree with you...I must admit I did shed a tear of sadness this morning when it hit me like a ton of bricks that the games are really over. Our city is getting back to normal...I miss all the colours of the countries. xoxo

  14. I am so impressed. You have skills! I can barely really.

  15. Hey Kate ~ What the heck did you do to Me.... I think your encouraging Post when the games were just about to Start, must have inspired me... Not to lace my skates to fall flat on My B-hind or barrel down a hill at break neck speeds or jump into what looked like a Bullet on Blades of steel.... I will leave that all to YOU & Your Talents~ But, I was Inspired to Watch & Watching I did.... Hours of it~ I told you I was Never into the Winter Games, but I Happily Cheered On Apollo, Lindsay & USA 4 man Bobsled to name just a few... also screamed & cried with the USA vs Canada Hockey Game..... You helped me sit & take notice of the Winter Olympics....
    Now I can start counting the years, then months till the Summer Games & My Beloved Sport ~ SOCCER !
    Have a Great Day, Hope the Sun is Shining for You this week & the Snow Melting..... talk again soon

  16. you are quite the winter athlete Kate...maybe if i did just one of those activities i wouldn't dread the winter quite so much...thanks for the smile, i loved your post...i really enjoyed watching the olympics too this year, usually i only watch the figure skating...but this year i watched a little bit of everything, and thoroughly enjoyed it all...

  17. Goodbye Games, we all so SO ENJOYED you!! But now..... Warm Welcome, Sweet Spring, we will most certainly also ENJOY you!!

    Have a lovely evening, Kate!

  18. Didn't you just love the bobsled results?
    And the figure skating, and the snowboarding, and....all of it!

    Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words, it means so much to me.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  19. Yes...I am laughing. I should jus tcall you & then you could hear it. But I woud say Bobsled might be your best be for the next go round.

  20. Hey Kate. LOL but not at you just with you! I bet you are great at everything you do. I can picture you giving 200% always!

    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and appreciating all you've done for me lately.

    Hugs and Love, Tracy :)

    P.S. Please email me your address.

  21. Hi Kate,

    We have also seen many of the Olympic Games, it was not always possible due to the difference in time. In the Netherlands, OS skating is very popular ... we had a bad night at the 10 kilometer of Sven Kramer :-(

    My English is not without errors, by using the translator I hope to make good sentences!

    Have a nice day! Warm regards, Ingrid

  22. I woud say Bobsled might be your best be for the next go round.
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  23. I love the winter Olympics so much! I miss them! Twyla