Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where...

Has my other shoe gone?
I lost the other one when we moved.  I am still looking for it.  If you should see anyone walking down the street with only the right vintage silver pump, you just let me know.

Oh why do I do things like that??? 

So annoying I am...


  1. Maybe time to buy a new pair of shoes? J!

  2. Bummer. your gonna have to do something fabulous to the one you still have, some kind of decoration! "make it work"... (huge project runway fan!) Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, it was a great day! See you soon, Theresa

  3. That is soo funny ...look in the kids toy boxes, that's where I always found lost ...Well thanks to our dear bloggers we know we can make something out of the one shoe ... a pin cushion? ... a planter? ...maybe a birds nest? ...etc. ... by-the-way ...I love the show. :^)
    Hugz ...Betty

  4. I also look forward to your shoe in the Netherlands! You never know how far away the shoe is gone!!

    Have a nice evening! Warm regards, Ingrid

  5. If I see it & it's in a size 9, I'll let you know, but it's staying with me ;)

  6. Hope you find it!
    Blessings, andrea

  7. What a shame! That is one gorgeous shoe!

  8. Well...hasn't it been like 10 years? Maybe it is time to just let it go. Or else just wear one! Maybe no one will notice :)

  9. I just saw a pair of shoes very similar at a thrift store this last weekend!!!! Even tried them on (too small dang it!) but how funny! I'm sorry you lost it....It's probably in the bottom of a box somewhere??? hopefully??

    I WISH you could come over & help me weed!! I would be more than happy to come shovel snow!! Too bad all of us didn't live in the same area huh?

    Take care!!

  10. I hate losing things! It's so irritating!

    That shoe is magnificent. I seriously hope its mate turns up. If not, time to peruse the shoe racks for a fun pair of pumps!

    We're in FL now and the only kind of "shoes" I want to wear are casual sandals. It's been a bit cool but hopefully it'll warm up soon.


  11. i have it on good authority...that an ambassador from a prince will soon be arriving at your door bearing a silver shoe on a pillow...oh, wait...

  12. Sweet Cinderella, hopefully you will soon find that other sweetie.... love this one already!

  13. That is one gorgeous pump! Perhaps the other just took a little vacation. Look on the bright side, if you don't find the other one you can always use this one for art! LOL. (so not funny I know)

  14. It's probably on the side of the road...I see many single shoes there? Or it could be hanging out with all the socks that lose their partners somewhere in dryer land. Hope you find it soon!


  15. Well sweetie your in luck I think it is on a giveaway I visited just maybe if you hurry and enter you can win it back. lol
    Don't you hate it when people come by and leave stupid comments like this one...hahahaha
    Sorry...I have giveaways on the brain...mine for instance...did you ends tomorrow..
    Hope your doing good. I am sitting here looking at your beautiful heart. I am still in awe of how lovely it is.

  16. It is a Beautiful Shoe ~ was it worn for a Special Occasion? could be a Wedding Shoe..... I see a Beautiful Floral Arrangement in it (silk flowers of course) ~ if you don't find the other one
    this is the Floral Designer coming out in Me

  17. Be still my shoe loving heart! That is one gorgeous and amazing shoe...we need to put an APB out for the other one!

    Did you look in your carriage?


  18. What a fantastic reason to go shoe shopping!
    I'll phone ahead to Neiman Marcus and let 'em know you're coming! ;-)


  19. That is a cute shoe. I hope you find it's partner. I lost a bracelet last time we moved and I just knew it was gone. One day about a year later I reached in the closet to pull something out and something fell to the floor. It was my bracelet. I still have not figured that one out. Have a nice weekend! Twyla