Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go!

When the Doyle's showed up on our doorstep last night, these Irish kids couldn't wait to get hunting for leprechauns! 

They all wore cammo so the leprechauns wouldn't see them coming.  Of course, they all had to have hats!

The garden seemed to have a lot of leprechaun visitors...

What did they find?
Why, treasures, of course!

My yard was very busy last night!  Even Bo got in on the action.  He kept saying, "I tink I tound tome-ting!"  Translation, "I think I found something!"

(One day this boy is going to be very mad at me.  In the mean time, I love those suspenders!!!)
I think this was about the time Annie yelled, "Quiet!  We have to be quiet so we can catch some leprechauns instead of this junky old paper!"

Luckily, the boys know who's the boss by now...

And this new leprechaun trap showed up on my doorstep.  Lib and I can't quite figure out how it works, but the kids worked on it for a very long time.  I do know that the ripped up plastic cup is an integral part of the entire trap.  
Be careful if you come over today!

Then inside for some green treats!  (It's amazing what you can make green...)
Then off to bed...
This poor boy has been planning to sleep on the couch with a butterfly net to catch the leprechauns for weeks now.  Too bad he just couldn't stay awake for it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from
Twitchie McPixie!
(my leprechaun name, of course.)


  1. Life with you all must be a real trip! Always something fun and inspiring! professional football and leprechauns, I'm still speechless!
    love you all,

  2. Hey Kate! Are you the greatest Mother in the world or what?! The kids are adorable and I officially want to come live at your house.

    Hugs Sweet Friend....Tracy :)

    P.S. Thanks lucky Tracy. Lucky to have you as a friend and did you see I won another giveaway tonight from Marie at Spun By Me. I'm still twirling. Tomorrow I'll try to email you and let you know why it was such good timing, well maybe I won't it would just take all the fun out of the win to think about it but feeling like God knew I needed some big love is huge to me. Oops I just remembered I'm on your blog not a personal email.

    Talk to you later Sweetie!

  3. After PS. it should have said "That's lucky Tracy not thanks lucky Tracy ~ DUH!!!

  4. It was a great adventure in your garden.... :-)

    Have a nice day!! Lovely greetings, Ingrid

  5. What a fun idea! :) Kate, you inspire the rest of us to get off our duffs and make every day a fun day! So, there's my goal for the day. I want to make it a fun one, even though rain is on the horizon for us down here in FL.

  6. Looks like real FUN, Kate. Love the hat !!! Hope you are having a sweet green day.... xo

  7. LOVE the photo shoot of the leprachaun hunters- SUCH cute kids!!! I LOVE them!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!

  8. Oh, what fun! I love the hats. Especially that last picture with the little leprechaun fast asleep with a net in hand...

  9. I came by to thank you for the wonderfully kind post you left about my son but then read this delightful post & almost forgot why I was here. LOL How fun!!! What an absoutlely marvelous way to celebrate the holiday.

  10. Wait a minute... he left junky old paper and I wasn't invited? lol! Really Kate do you get favorite Aunt Award and Best Mom Ever Award every year or what! This is so cute! Thanks for the giggles...again! Theresa

  11. Looks like they had great fun!!! Happy St Patrick's Day!!

  12. Last night was soooooo much fun! I just loved watching them run around out there & I wished it wasn't a school night so they could have stayed out later! Thanks again Kate..you make it magical for my kids too!

  13. I love it. You two sisters are great! Wish I lived closer. Your hunt is a great idea! Top of the evenin' to you.

  14. Hi Kate,

    Oh ma gosh! How incredibly adorable is this?!! Haha! What a fantastic adventure for kids. I just love it. Wishing you a very Happy St. Paddy's Day and hope it is full of magical surprises.

    Thank you so much for your visit to me and for your sweet comments. I am just delighted you enjoyed the templates. Pop over any time, my dear.

    ~Kitty Kellie

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Your blog is wonderful-- I love the fun life you create for your children. It looks like there is never a dull moment!

  16. You guys sure know how to have a wonderful fun time! Love it!

    How exciting for the kids to be able to actually go on a hunt and find treasures!


  17. Those are seriously the cutest kids on the planet! Absolutely adorable!


  18. looks like sooo much fun!! you all are living a great life... always knowing how to have a good time!!

  19. How cute and fun!!
    (BTW I am planning a trip to MN for Junk Bonanza in Sept. Might you be lurking around the sale?)

  20. Kate ~ You have got to be one of the coolest moms I know.

  21. This is one of the cutest ideas I've seen.

    I do a Halloween scavenger hunt with my Grands but I never, ever thought of this idea.

    It will be remembered and done next year.

    Thank you for sharing your clever fun!