Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you Ready???

Are you ready???  I certainly am not!

  I was able to make a few cookies for Santa...

And wrap a few presents...

(Thank you to the lovely Linda from Robin's Egg Blue for the inspiration... Visit her here for lovely pics!)

The tree's are all done...

The rest of the decorations are out.

The glasses are all decorated...

But I need to take the time to say...

Happy Birthday to Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas!


  1. Everything looks perfect! I'm ready to start in on those ginger cookies!

  2. How sweet a post! Everything is lovely I wish I could say the same here at my house. Whoa am I behind.

  3. Lovely post and thank you for the reminder. Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus!

  4. Beautiful!
    Blessings and prayers,

  5. Amen! Your home looks gorgeous!

  6. OM GOSH Kate!! I am sorry I don't always remember to come over here...I am adding you to my side bar NOW!! Your blog is sooooo beautiful, and your creations are gorgeous and divine! Thank you for the inspiration!! Thank you for all your visits on my blog and your kind and sweet means the world to me!

  7. The gifts wrapped in Robin's Egg are beautiful. I can't get enough of that color lately. Hopelessly addicted here. Did I say how I love your blog? And your Christmas decor is gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for stopping by.

  8. Lovely pictures and a beautiful reminder of what it's all about!

    Nita Jo

  9. Very nice pictures and decorations .I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.Catherine

  10. What wonderful photos of your beautiful decorations! Love the vintage Santa and all those fabulous mosaics! Thank you for sharing these with us! Wishing you a beautiful week of holly-days! Hugs, Coralie

    P.S. And, oh, how I love your new background!!! Beautiful birds!

  11. Hi Kate, Love your gifts..lucky you! Am not finished with shopping..can't go I guess Sunday or Monday. Don't like last min, but, oh, well. You are so on...let's all remember the true meaning of Christmas and keep it all year. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Smiles and Blessings,

  12. Wow! I knew it would be fabulous! Wow! I just love Christmas at your house!

  13. What a lovely post...I do love how you wrapped your beautiful plus everything in your home is magical. That image of cracked santa and those ginger cookies is amazingly creative! May your Christmas be filled with the and Jesus's Love. xoxoxo

  14. Everything Looks Beautiful ~ I am sitting here watching Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" My Favorite Movie of All Time..... Only thing on the list today is to fix the Stainless Steel Shelf that almost came crashing down in the Kitchen.... the Molly pulled out of the wall, but I heard it going & caught everything before it actually feel ~ but that too will wait till after the Movie.....
    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. Hi Kate, I was over here last night and I thought I left a comment I guess I was side tracked by the Robins Egg Blue. Well, gee, I meant to leave one so I will just say that it all looks wonderful, but that Santa face looks just like the crackly cookies, Yummy! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  16. Your cookies look delious and your blue presents are wrapped perfectly"love them". Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Carol

  17. Kate,
    I laughed at your comment, 'keep it under raps', about the giveaway. You crack me up. Where did you get the REB wrapping paper?
    Thanks for entering dear lady!


  18. Looks like you really are ready!

    And no, I'm not.

    Will finish shopping tomorrow.

    Will bake Tuesday.

    You've got me motivated.

    Sweet dreams.

  19. Kate, you sure look ready for the big day to me! I feel like I am way behind at the moment.

    I hope that you and your family have a wonderfully Merry Christmas together and that 2010 brings you much love and happiness.

    Blessings and Christmas cheers,

  20. Well you sure do look ready! Everything is beautiful, what a wonderful post. Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  21. Wow! Everything looks lovely. Those presents are so pretty. What a wonderful idea.