Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

Now that the house is shiny clean, it's finally beginning to look like Christmas around here.  Here's a quick peak at the outside of our home.  With the fresh snowfall, I feel like God did the outside decorating for me.

Wishing you a snow-filled day!


  1. Oh please send some of that snow over to Australia...I have been dreaming of a white Christmas but all I seem to be getting is hot summer days and Mosquito bites!

    Thinking of you all in the snow, Natasha.

  2. oh how cute are these decorations in the snow!
    i'm looking forward to see more of your christams-decorated house!
    have a very sweet day!

  3. beautiful "finishing touches" by God area always welcomed, huh?
    thanks for the sweet comment too!

  4. I need to bring Bo over to admire your decorations :)

    I like how you even fancied up the lions!

  5. you are lucky, here i'm waiting for snow! in two days we normaly will have snow;Nice outside pictures! have a good day! catherine

  6. All of this snow in other places is making me jealous! Looks beautiful!

  7. ooooh, it is getting white's trying to snow here right now...but it keeps switching back over to rain...

  8. God did a wonderful job of decorating the outside of your house! Your pictures look beautiful! I am envious of your shiny clean house, guess I should get up from this computer chair and get some work done! Have a very Merry Christmas! Twyla