Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Boy, His Dog and a Stick...

I am still running like a madwoman trying to get the house ready for Christmas.  (There is no danger of me appearing to be Superwoman and having everything under control.  I don't.  At all... And I am totally comfortable enough to admit it to the entire world...  I have changed my socks at least five times today as I keep sticking to my floor...mom, don't come over until at least Friday, I know it would drive you nuts!!!)  I am in the process of waxing my family room floor, don't know why I chose this time to do it, but hey, at least it will be one floor I don't stick too!  Enjoy this post about my sweet little guy.  I never got around to posting it earlier.  I'll try and be back when I don't stick to anything.

What is is about a dog and a stick that can keep a little boy occupied for hours?  My Little Fireman and I went walking through the woods the other day.  He found stick after stick after stick.

 I am quite sure this one was a sword.

This one was a fishing pole...

He used the short one to chop down trees. The long one put out fires...

I don't really know what this stick did, and this picture may look like we are by the creek, but we aren't.  That's actually the mud pit we use for four-wheeling and off-road trucking. Very dangerous...

Get the picture now???

 Thank heaven for little boys, their dogs and sticks!


  1. wow what a great imagination your little cutie has. He look's like he's playing golf in the fith picture ???
    good luck with all the christmas preperations, be assured that your not aloan in being a little disorganised.

  2. I love the story of you little guy and all his sticks. I have 4 grandsons. Three out of four carry around sticks when they visit us here in the middle of our woods. The fourth is not quite walking yet. I'm sure next summer he will have a stick in his hand too.

  3. Bo just uses them to whack people.

  4. Too funny--about your sticking to your floor! How I can identify with such things!
    As for your little guy--delightful!
    Blessings from the Cabin!
    Claudia O.

  5. Don't stress to much! I am sure you'll get it all done. I have the Christmas stuff up and now I have to begin packing up this house for our move!lol

  6. I LOVE your pictures! What a handsome young man! Something about boys and sticks . . . Don't you love 'em!? You're getting some serious weather! I hope you're staying warm! It's brrrr cooolllld out there! The Weather Channel just called it "bone chilling cold". Thank you for stopping by our little boutique! I wish you the best with the Christmas organizing. I haven't even started. It's time to panic!