Monday, December 7, 2009

It's not Christmas Until...

At our house, it's not Christmas until I decorate the tree.  Then the dang thing tips over and I have to do it all over again...

I had a very lovely tree going on this year.

This afternoon, I happened to mention to my husband, (who is really not into trees in the house, btw...) that the thing seemed to be listing to the right a little.  He leaves for hockey and, boom!  There she goes.

It happens every year.  The first year, my kids ran around yelling and pretty much creating mass hysteria.  I seem to remember a "May-Day, May-Day, tree tipped over in the living room."  And an answering "Roger that...Help is on the way"  from them that year.  Then more running and hysteria as I tried to tip the thing back up...

The next year, they were prepared.  Not quite so much hysteria, but still a tiny bit of running around and yelling.  "Batten the hatches, storm off the starboard deck...  Finished off the Christmas tree..."  (I have very creative kids, you won't believe their reaction when they started a fire in the kitchen...)

This year?  Nothing.  Just a glance, a sigh, and an "I suppose you want me to climb under that thing" from Sweet Bluebird.  Not a question.  Just a statement of fact.

I am resigned to having to wire the tree to a curtain rod every year.  When will I ever learn?  Secretly, I think it's my husband, trying to coax me into purchasing an artificial one.  But no, I don't listen.  Every year, I have to have a real one.

And yes... Every year, it will tip over...

At least I have given up on the Mercury Glass ornaments.


  1. This happened to me one year. Just as I hung the last ornament on the tree it toppled over! We've never forgotten that one! Have a great week:) Twyla

  2. Your blog looks great, all decked out for the holidays! :]

    Btw, please stop by my blog to pick up a little blog award! Thanks for following me!

  3. I'll have to teach your kids, "TIMBER!!!!!!!!!"

  4. My husband use to put a eye screw in the wall and run fishing line from our tree to it. That solved the diving tree.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Wow, laying hardwood floors and picking up tumbled over've been busy this weekend!! It looks gorgeous at any rate, and I'm sure your floor does too :)

    Happy Monday!

    :) T

  6.'s about time....I was wondering when the dang thing was gonna go.

    Love the new background.

  7. What a shame! I can't imagine it - I'd be crying among my broken ornaments. I thought having a playful cat was bad; I never imagined the tree trying to sabotage itself!

  8. Oh, wow, mercury glass ornaments! Sigh! I'm so sorry to hear about your tree tipping :( Although I did have a bit of a giggle at the response from your kids. My kids would've had the very same reaction verbatim. LOL. Thanks for your lovely comment. It really warmed my heart.

  9. hehehe. That remimnds me of christmas two years ago, we just had a small tree and stood it on a low table. I'm so glad that it was only a small tree because River had a tantrum and threw his juice cup at the tree and it all toppled over. Unfortunatly I was sat on the sofa right next to it and got the whole thing right on top of my head lol.

  10. I gave up on having a tree when we got our current cat two years ago. She's a tiny tree terror, but she's worth the trade off.

    Thank you SO much for your wonderful e-mail to me!


  11. your blog is great! i'm happy to be your new follower ;) your christmas tree us beautiful;)
    i just love it;)
    have a sweet day!