Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Trip to Anthropologie...

A trip to Anthro and this is what just might end up in your family room!

I fell in love with their display of an old bike covered in snow.  It got me thinking. (Which is not always a good thing...)  When I got home, I ran down to my shed and dragged this baby out of storage.  During the summer months, it usually ends up in one of my gardens.  Now it has a nice, warm and comfy home in the family room for Christmas.

I always plant flowers in the basket for summer, I thought about presents in the basket, but those Swedish blogs influenced me.  I love the green of the tree tops and moss.

Every time I walk into that room, my bike makes me smile.  And you have to give the hubby credit, he is not overly fond of this bike as I have to store it for the winter.  Not a peep out of him when he spied it inside.  After all these years, I think he is finally getting used to my crazy ideas...


  1. Only your mansion would there be enough room to throw in a bike for a decoration!!!

  2. I love it -- so cute!

    Brenda B

  3. What a clever idea and so very pretty on that black and white checker floor!

    Blessings to you,


  4. what a lovely idea! unfortunately i don't have enough room at my place...
    wish you a very sweet day!

  5. Gasp- how awesome is that?? OH I love it- truly divine !! And to die for I might add

  6. Oh my...I can just imagine what your hubby is thinking...the same thing I am...."you are nuts" :) (Good thing I like people who are a little nuts) Besides I have to like you since you are my sister. But I am sticking with are nuts.

  7. Hey! Just met your sister at Middlest Sister.....and wanted to say hi to you two must have a BLAST together...

    ciao! and Merry Christmas!!

  8. I love your crazy ideas! Your bike is absolutely charming and delightful! I must find an old rusty bike PRONTO!!

    Love and hugs,

  9. Hi Kate ~

    Love, Love, Love the Bike..... Planting flowers in the basket, What a Clever Idea~ I have Never been in an Anthropology, I think there is one in Ann Arbor, which is about 45 minute drive, maybe I will have to take a trip someday, I always hear people raving about that Store....
    I just emailed you ~ Your Package Shipped, Finally.... Thanks for Your Sweet Patience
    Have a Wonderful Weekend

  10. Hey hunni
    I love,love,love it Although I'm sure my hubby would take me out and shoot me if he came home to find a snow covered bike in our living room hehehe.
    How are all the preparations going?

  11. it looks awesome. doncha enjoy it when a store display confirms your good taste?? lol.

  12. Really a nice idea!
    I love Anthro and I can't wait to visit their new store in London!
    Happy new week!

  13. Hey hunni
    Thanks for popping over.
    No I didn't make the bunting I got it last year from Laura ashleys ( do you get laura ashely over in the u.s ?) I made an attempt at bunting a while back but it didn't turn out too good. Maybe I'll put it on my list of projects for next year hehehe.

  14. oh I had to laugh when I read this post!! A trip to anthro and then you end up with a bike in your house!! hehehe. My husband would be like... oh man, what is she up to now??

    it looks awesome!! I love the greens in the basket too.