Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in our Home

Here are a couple glimpses of Christmas in our home. This year, a late fall bonfire inspired my decorating.  As I was cleaning up after the bonfire the next day, I was caught by the simple beauty of the stacked wood.  It got me thinking...

Now the wood is stacked under my sideboard in the dining room, all covered in snow.

Nature played a big roll this year...

 I made an effort to use what I already own instead of making new purchases. It was easier than I thought it would be.

I got this bucket at a wedding.  (Thank you Marcia, I use it all the time.)  Friends had a beautiful outdoor wedding and these buckets were hanging off white chairs in the aisle.  Beautiful.

Modern Country really inspired me to use greens through out the house!  Go check out her beautiful blog, found here...

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the Christmas day!


  1. What lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing them! What a beautiful house! xxx

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the logs under the sideboard and all of the greens! I put our left the branches we trimmed outside in urns and boxes and containers all around the house but now I want some holly for inside.hmmm my neighbors just planted 4 holly bushes this fall, think they're ready to prune?... I just finished posting some Christmas pics too, looks like we are on the same track! Come take a peek... ~ Theresa

  3. Love the pictures. Just beautiful.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. You've transformed your home into a wintery forest- gorgeous!

  5. What a gorgeous Christmas deco job. Very clever with the firewood and 'snow'. I love it and all your mosaics here. The bucket is so natural and makes such an 'outdoor' statement. I love all of this and am inspired! Hmm, I like my teaset with the tarnished patina, but now seeing the shine on yours makes me wanna polish mine. Isn't this a beautiful time of year??

    Robin's Egg Blues

  6. Absolutely breathtaking! It is so lovely and the wreath you made is beautiful. Enjoy the season! Twyla

  7. how beautiful! i just love your christmas ideas!
    have a very sweet day,

  8. You're so creative -- you've made a gorgeous home!

    Brenda P

  9. I'm loving the natural look thing you've got going on! It looks like a gorgeous, Christmas forest! :-)

  10. Kate that bucket picture looks like it came out of a magazine! Fabulous! Love it all...I have yet to see the wood but I am trying to be kind & keep Bo away...although he would LOVE that fake snow everywhere!

  11. I love all the sparkle and silver with the natural elements - rustic elegance! the logs with the snow are very creative.