Friday, April 23, 2010

Another of my Friday Faves

Today I am going to make you guess what one of my favorites is.  

I'll give you a little clue...

Need another clue?

That one might not help so much...

Okay, okay, here's another one...

Surely by now you kind of have it figured out...

But just in case...

Got it now?

I know you recognize this!
You guessed it!  

It's my garage/estate sale, flea market, and the occasion dumpster diving car!

This baby has the worlds biggest trunk.  I can practically fit an entire sale in it.

Luckily, I don't.

Well, usually...

But sometimes, if it's really good...

Just kidding.

I mean, my husband might read this!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a wonderful car!! Is that typical American?

    Have a nice and sunny weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid

  2. EEEEK! I LOVE your car! I want a cool "vintage" car soooo badly! Lucky you! Have fun feeling sassy while you drive around to all the sales this weekend!

  3. what a great car Kate!!! have a great weekend...i hope you find lots of goodies to put in your trunk:)

  4. I never noticed those tail lights before. Better not let me drive it in parking lots-I could see bad things happening with my depth perception :)

  5. WOW...awesome car!
    Blessings, andrea

  6. I LOVE seeing your whole family crusin' in it! I have some good pics :)

  7. How cool! I've been wanting an old pickup truck to take with me to sales - Turquoise of course!

  8. Are you serious??? I am coming to visit right now so I can drive around with you in that fabulous car!! What a blast!

    Have a great weekend Kate!


  9. Don't be giving away the secrets! LOVE that car! I used to have a big boat with the world's largest trunk. I loved that thing.

  10. So cute! Would be a great car for date night too. Have a good weekend!

  11. Thats a all american vintage cool car!!have a great weekend~

  12. That's quite a car, Kate. Enough space to load load load...
    Sending a big hug your way for a great weekend! xoxo

  13. Love it! What a beauty! Want to take a road trip to WI, just across the border? That'd be fun!

    I hope your weekend is excellent - today sure is gorgeous. Daniel and I were out on our property with our butane candle lighters burning up the army worm tents in the trees. It was kind of gross but I hate those things and don't want them expanding their population.
    Now we're back at our "jobs", he's got a book to read for school and I've got a drawing to complete and schedules for school to create. I'd rather be outside. Sigh!

  14. That is a Fabulous Friday Favorite!
    Mine is a VW bug~ not quite the same trunk space :-)

  15. Wow, neat car! I'm impressed!

  16. OMG! That car is FABULOUS! No not just FABULOUS but MAMMY FABULOUS!!! Actually my Mammy had one like it but in PINK and you believe it? That must be so fun to go sailing in! My kids would probably fight over who got to drive it and then I would have to play the mom card and drive away! Everytime you devulge more peeks into your life I soooooo want to be your neighbor. Can you say cardigan and keds? :) Have a great weekend, Theresa

  17. Hey Kate. Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, I think I got just a couple of quick mins online and that was it. I hope you're having a fun weekend heading to Dallas. Sounds like a fun trip but I know what it's like to just wanna stay home. Okay, I know I'm not up on my sports so what game? Anyway stay safe. Love that car! What kind is it?

    Have loads of fun girl. Hugs...Tracy :)

  18. No way is that your car? No way do you go junking in it?

    Are you sure we are not related?

  19. I love it and want it...oh can we make a date and go junking together...pretty please! Hugs to you. xoxo

  20. love your car!!!great week-end catherine

  21. She is L*O*V*E*L*Y ...what fun to go cruis'in on a warm summer night,with your sweetie!...lucky on Rosie

  22. I think I drove one of those about forty years that possible?