Monday, April 26, 2010

What's A Mom To Do?

What's a mom to do when she is in Dallas for the weekend and her oldest daughter is going to prom in Minnesota?

Well, the mom calls her sister, of course!

Sweet Bluebird went to prom for the first time this weekend.  Big Fireman and I were devastated that we both had to work.  Since we both were not going to be home, of course the pre-party pictures ended up at our house.  

Luckily Libbie saved the day and came to take plenty of pictures and help the girls get ready.  I am fairly certain she also became the official  bountonniere-pinner-oner.  (Yes, I made that word up.)

Here's my girl and her date.

(Not a boyfriend, just a date)

A funny story about the date.  

Bluebird is a junior in high school.  Her freshman year, Big Fireman and Bluebird were walking around at school.  This boy comes up to Fireman and talks about how he is best friends with Bluebird.  As we have never heard of this boy before, Big Fireman is thoroughly checking him out.  (Big Fireman is quite intimidating in person if you don't know him.)  The poor boy starts backtracking and talking how they are besties in homeroom only, not boyfriend/girfriend besties.

The poor boy still appeared a little scared of Big Fireman, but they went on their way.  Well, when Big Fireman gets bored, he likes to torture our kids.  So later, when Big Fireman spots the boy quite a ways from him, Big Fireman yells down the crowded hall, "Hey, what are you doing for prom your senior or junior year?  I might let you take my daughter!"

Of course Sweet Bluebird has been mortally embarrassed about this ever since...

And of course, we never let her forget it.

So this spring we are in Florida over spring break and she gets a text message from the same boy-
"Will u go 2 prom w me?"

She texts back-
Now the boy is a smart one, he texts back-
"And they said I couldn't find a hot date for prom!"

And the girl is a sarcastic one (just like her mom...)
She texts back-
"I already said I would go with u, u don't have 2 kiss up 2 me!LOL"

AAAAHHHH, a match made in heaven...

Another long story if you can indulge me.

Did I ever mention how Big Fireman gets bored and likes to torture our kids?

Well, at work he hatched out this whole plan.

He and his cop buddies were going to hang out and be on hand to greet all the boys at our house before prom.  They were going to park as many cop cars in the driveway as they could and sit out on our front porch and clean their hunting guns.  Big Fireman and his friends were all excited over their own version of the prom party until they all realized they all had to work that night.  Their plans went down the drain...

(Sweet Bluebird, you have to thank God for that one...)

Well imagine my surprise when this little guy shows up in cammo bearing his own arms on all the pictures.
Just like his daddy!

Thanks B (that's Lib's nickname) for saving the day and taking the pictures! 
Go check her out here!


  1. She's beautiful, Kate! Congratulations! I know you're proud of her!

    And yay for Libbie, coming through with the pictures! :)

  2. You must be so proud! She is gorgous! I hope she had a wonderful time. And I love the picture with her friends too! It is amazing how you look back so fondly on those times as you grow up.

  3. Hi Kate! How wonderful of Libbie to step in for the important position!, love the stories, Bluebird is such a beauty! Hope her evening was fabulous!!

  4. What a beautiful young lady!! Hope they had a great prom!
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Cute stories and beautiful photos. :) How nice to have a sister/aunt to step in and save the day. (Who's a good photographer to boot!)

    The girls are gorgeous, the young men are handsome and I love the last photo of the protective little brother. Sweet!

  6. great stories Kate...your daughter is a beauty...i hope she had a wonderful time at prom!!!

  7. Hi Kate, Your daughter is lovely, That Prom date, what memories she's going to have. Looks like a very nice group of teens. thanks for sharing that. Smiles, Carol Mae

  8. It was so fun! They all looked gorgeous! & Annie was TOTALLY in heaven!!! But she was wondering, "Where is Kelsey?" :)

  9. Sweet Bleubird was GORGEOUS. Love her dress!

  10. Looks like having a real good time, Kate. Your darling daughter is a beauty! Such pretty dress, wish I had had a prom.... Enjoy all the after-joy! The stories, the pictures. the dances....everything!
    Wishing you a great week. xx

  11. Kate, what lovely pictures. I love the stories. I can just imagine what would happen in the cops were there. HA! Your daughter is beautiful and I know she must be alot like her mom. :) Thanks for sharing those-brings back memories.

  12. Kate what a great surprise to find over here your beautiful daughter going to the prom. Bluebird looks just like you and your both beautiful.
    So glad sister Libbie saved the day. As much as I need her closer to me she is where she is needed the most. What a comfort to have her so close.
    Now that hubby of yours is just tooooooo funny. My kind of guy. He got things moving for the guy to take a step and so glad he did.
    What a cute couple they made even though their just friends. hahaha
    So sorry you had to be in Dallas and missed it. On top of that the Dallas team were ill mannered. It is a good thing I guess I had to work because that would not have went over well with me at all.
    I am sitting down tonight and writing their owner or manager a letter telling them how Southern Belle's are suppose to have manners and obviously these young ladies are lacking in theirs. I am so sorry for you and your team.
    Loved this post and the pictures! Glad Libbie got in one too she is beautiful herself.
    Got to get back on the tractor..taking a water break...

  13. THE Best!
    I love your beautiful baby, that special sister, the gun cleaner, and your story.

  14. Mother, that text messaging thing is definitly not how it went down.
    I'm kinda starting to agree with Captian Awesome, you need our consent before you post a blog about or including us.

  15. she looks beautiful!!and they both look so happy... cute couple!what a great sister you have you both remind me of my sister and I...

  16. I just found out that Libbie is your sister! I love her blog. Your girl looks very pretty. We don't have proms here in Holland, wish we had them.Big fireman has a lot in common with mine, a big cop. xx

  17. Sweet Bluebird looks beautiful! I love the whole story, too funny! (unless your her probably!) Thank goodness for sweet Libbie, I have a sister, Molly, that lives an hour away but either one of us would do the same and love every minute of it as I'm sure she did! Good thing little fireman had the night off to fulfill the duties of making sure the boys stayed in line! Love it all... Theresa

  18. How beautiful she looks! It is a shame you missed seeing her but with those stunning looks I am sure that she will be going to plenty more dances and balls!

    Great job Aunt Libbie too!

    Best wishes,

  19. Your sweet stories made my morning..your little bluebird is sooooooooooo beautiful! Hugs to you my friend. xox

  20. Oh Kate, she is beautiful and what a neato post! I adore your family, what a sweet bunch of people. I'm wiping a few tears. I'm glad you got to enjoy it long distance.

    Love ya,

  21. Beautiful daughter and family you have! Gorgeous pictures and a funny always have a great post!!
    Have a wondeful week my friend!

  22. What great photos! And what were you doing here in Dallas? You should have told me! I could have taken you to our flea market. This weekend is the BIG one in Canton, so come back down :)

  23. I love it! My little bro would probably do just about the same thing. =]

  24. What a Sweet Post ~ Your Daughter is Beautiful, Just Like Her Mom! Glad Libbie was able to fill in & took some Great Photos ~ Love, Love the Story of Big Fireman & the Friend, I can imagine your daughter reaction ~ Priceless
    take care ~ miss ya

  25. Hi Kate,
    So sorry you couldn't be there in person to witness all the prom festivities, but you really are lucky to have sister B come to your rescue! Your daughter looks so gorgeous and her date is just adorable!! I guess that date has been a plan in the making for a while now :) HaHa
    I have a feeling your sweet little bluebird did a whole lot of praying to get her dad and all his buddies to work the same shift on prom night. I can only imagine how red she could have looked in those prom pictures!
    I hope you're not too sore from your game this weekend. I'm sorry to hear your step sis, Maggie, couldn't go:(
    Take it easy and I'll be back to visit again soon!