Monday, April 12, 2010

I Come From..

A long line of dumpster divers. 

A long line.  

Sometimes it's not so great.

Like the time when our dad found a bubble mower in someone's trash and actually walked home pushing it.  Very embarrassing.

Especially when you are a teenager and everyone knows that is your dad snagging a lawn mower from the trash four blocks away and actually walking down the street with it.

And he is proud of his new find...

Mortifying actually.

But when he finds this?  

And you snag it out from under your mom before she gets a chance to have it hung? 

It's very cool...

 Especially when you were thinking that your room needed some sprucing up.

And especially when it had all the crystals with it.

Then being a dumpster diver is totally awesome!

  And sorry, mom, I do feel a tiny twinge of guilt.

But only a teensy, tiny bit.

Hardly anything at all, actually...

And when you see it hanging in my bedroom?  You will agree that it is the perfect home instead of your porch.

I just love recycling!


  1. GET OUT!!!! THAT WAS IN A DUMPSTER? OMG!!! As much as I am happy for you, really I am, I am a little, well alot, jealous! Your poor mother, she probably had the perfect place for it! To think that your dad has walked home with the likes of a bubble mower and then when the real prize shows up you snagged it away, I'm thinking you owe her huge!!! I love the visual of your dad walking 4 blocks with that mower and really do feel for you having been a teenager and all... so maybe in some small way this was the payback or the reward. Does Libbie know you got the prize? Lucy you have some splainin to do!!! Thanks for the grins, and I cannot wait to see it hung! Theresa

  2. We all knew that some day, with all those dives of dad's he would eventually find something good :)

  3. Took him awhile though, didn't it????

  4. Such a beautiful treasure, looking perfect pretty, Kate!

    Have a happy day and a great new week. xoxoxo

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????????????? Holy smokes woman!!!! I'm so jealous! :) Wow ~ crazy! Love it & it is going to look awesome!

    I bet that was mortifying as a girls are so funny when they don't want to be embarrassed by something 'weird' we do! I love taking them into the goodwill bin store....they are so grossed out & just want to leave....makes me laugh! Have a good week!


  6. How beautiful....!

    Have a nice week! Lovely greetings, Ingrid

  7. Yeah, that would totally take away the embarrasement. So funny, my Dad had a lot of rental houses and he was always carting home some kind of treasures that were left behind as a peace offering for those who left with rent still owed. Except his clothes looked really bad! LOL! He played the part really well.
    Daddies are the best!

  8. What a Find ~ I have found many Curb Side Treasures, many fought over, You Win Some ~ Lose Some..... So Guess this Time, Your Mom LOST~
    Keep up the Hunt ~ I miss doing it, just don't like going alone & all my old hunters have Moved South~ So I can be Jealous looking at your Prize ~ Have a Wonderful Week

  9. I do believe Dad just wiped away all that embarrassment with this find. AWESOME!

    Blessings, andrea

  10. I actually took an old brass chandelier from my mom, because she was no longer using it..and it was woefully laying in storage!

    hubby painted it white for me, all the crystal glass was in tact...looks awesome hanging in my kitchen!

    i'm just glad that my mom doesn't throw anything out....or you might have found it before me! lol

    i posted about it a while back!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. Congrats on the new treasure! Isn't it amazing what people will throw away?

  12. OH * MY * that is a score! and crystals...OK, thats definitely a cherry on top, if there ever was might have to pay your mom off with cake...or some other decadency...would love to see when it's on... Rosie

  13. no, way!!! someone threw that away!!! unbelievable...what a sweet find your dad made...i bet you don't feel guilty even that little twinge that you mentioned for taking it home with is gorgeous Kate...enjoy:)

  14. Wow, a great find. We must see the picture when it's installed in your bedroom. That's why I like to go, sometimes, to garage sales...but it's usually by myself-hubbie would rather do anything else.....:P

  15. I can't wait to see it! i am sure it looks perfect in there!

  16. I, too, just love recycling!!!!!



  17. With Mother's Day coming up and all... I bet you feel seriously guilty.
    ~everytime you sit in the reflection of your perfect new crystal chandy!
    She'd probably rather have a card.

  18. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I have just spotted them! Great chandelier, you are going to have a very glamorous bedroom / boudoir! xxx

  19. Goodness, Kate! So glad you retrieved it. What a gorgeous chandelier. Show us your BR when it's done. How romantic it will be!


  20. Of course, the dust accumulated while it was in our back porch, the people who dumped it would not ever have dust on their chandilier. Hope you keep it that way, (no dust, that is).

  21. I LOVE that! and i love that it was thrown out & you rescued it.
    i think I need to go for another visit to our local trash store.
    wish me luck :)

  22. Hey there I left a message earlier but I don't think it took so I will try
    Tell your dad that his Texas daughter is jealous and wants to go with him the next time he goes out diving.....I love this and could cetainly see why you do too.
    Way to go is beautiful

  23. Oh, my, gosh! Kate you lucky duck! That is THE most awesome "dumpster" find ever! WOWZA!

  24. your lucky it's quite nice, i too love recycling.It would be a shame to waste it!

  25. You are so right...much better at your house than at your mom's place.

    I think we're kindred spirits.

    I got up a 4:00a.m. Saturday to go to yard sales.

    Definately, something sick about that.

    Sweet dreams.

  26. Oh you owe your momma big time for that! I think it makes up for the bubble mower. Come for a visit.

  27. BEE-YUU-TEE-FUL! I know that you will love it and treasure your Dad's gorgeous find every time you see it. How fun.

    P.S. I thought parents were here to mortify their children. At least that's what I keep telling mine! ;)

  28. Wow....what a find!!! She is lovely. Hugs to you. xox

  29. I have (what I think is) the very same chandelier hanging in my kitchen which I shamelessly paid several hundred dollars for. Awesome Find!!

  30. Hey girl! What a great find. I have to admit, I just can't pass up on a good road side treasure find. Even when the embarrassment almost kills me. LOL. I can only imagine how you would have felt as a teenager though. Your dad sounds like a card, just like my daddy. Don't you just love him to pieces?

    I love this chandelier. I really do need to start spending more time blog hopping or at least going down my reading list. I can't believe I missed this post. That was probably the find of the year. Yeah Dad, way to go!!! I can't wait to see it hung.

    Love ya Girl....
    Have a blessed Day!

  31. Why is it whenever I go out looking for people's cast offs all I ever find is junk, junk and more junk!!! You are so lucky! I love it and can't wait to see it in its new room.

    Best wishes,

  32. Too fun, Kate! I have been known to dumpster dive myself... and have found a few treasures. My favorite days in the cities was junk day where everyone put their "stuff" out of the curb. Like Christmas digging through those piles! Can't get over the visual of your dad! Love him, and all of you!

  33. Fantastic find!! My sons are regular divers - one pushed a pristine office chair home through the neighbourhoud for 1/2 a mile. The other fished a bike out of a dumpster last week and is renovating it already.

    LOVE this chandelier! Also love the photos of your family - they all look so so happy. Makes me smile! Best wishes from Ireland, Carol :)