Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Visitor

I am still amazed at all of your comments on my skunk friends.
(Thankfully, I outsmarted them.  They are now living back in my ditch, where they belong.)  

But I just wanted to show you another friend I had come spend the day with us last summer. 
I went out first thing in the morning to get some weeding done.  This little guy was perched on a day-lily.

He seemed in no hurry to go anywhere, so we started talking...  
(Luckily I am very good at stimulating conversation...)

I think he liked our conversation as he stayed there, so I decided it was safe to go in and get my camera.

He was still there, so I went back in to get Nature Girl.  It was love at first site with those two!  

The day wore on and our new buddy cheerfully stayed in the day-lily.  Nature Girl and I pretty much lived in the garden that day, we wanted to see what he would do.  He was just content to stay there.

(Incidentally, Nature Girl and I did a very thorough check for Thumbelina, we thought she had to be nearby that day.)

Late afternoon and he was still there.  By then, my house had been overtaken by teenage boys and I had no food left, so I decided I couldn't live out in the garden any longer.  The flower was beginning to tuck my friend in for the night when we took him out of his new home.
  And one of us kissed him, just in case he was actually a handsome prince in disguise. 

And no, I won't tell who did the kissing...

But shortly after, we put him safely on the ground and he hopped away.

I'm quite sure he went looking for Thumbelina.  I know she was there somewhere!


  1. what a darling post Kate!!! i have never seen a frog inside of a flower before, those were fabulous pics...

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Took a look at yours and the "nature"girl made me decide to become a follower. I've got a "nature" girl too. Great pictures by the way.xx

  3. What a charming post--loved every word and photo--Thumbelina was obviously very nearby! I love those little froggies...I often see one through my kitchen window, nestled in the leaves on my espaliered apple tree which grows around the window--makes me so happy!

    Hope you have another beautiful day in your garden!

  4. What a lovely story, I enjoy it, just like your pictures! Where will the little prince be now!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  5. Adorable post...thank you!
    Blessings, andrea

  6. Girl, I love reading your post and you take such great photos. I love that Nature Girl looks right at home with that frog. I still have never touched one. I know I'm such a wimp. How can I live in a state like FL with all the lizards and other icky stuff and be like that? Ha-ha.

    Hugs Sweetie...Tracy :)

  7. too cute! i can just imagine your conversation.

    "well, good morning mr. frog . . . or is it mr.


    "oh sorry, so it is mr. frog, then."

  8. how cute! and so tiny! i really love your post :)
    have a great day,

  9. Well hello little little friend, look how tiny he is. Love your cute post today, Kate. Give Mr. Green a kiss from me!
    Hope your week is happy great super so far!! xoxoxo

  10. He's adorable! He has such a wise little face, sort of like he was just humoring y'all while you snapped his pic. :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  11. Awesome! Your daughter was the star of one of those pics. Forget the frog prince she was the cutie! Thanks for sharing with us Kate. Neat story.

  12. Great pictures! Darling frog and cutie pie, Nature girl! Thanks for that post, really cute!

  13. oh how did I miss the skunk post?? I need to look at that one ~ good thing you averted disaster!! That little frog is just too cute. We get some around here like that every now & then. I can't believe what a brilliant green he is!

    Take care Kate~

  14. I've decided I have to come live with you. You have far too many lovely creatures come to visit. Of course, I'm not surprised that God's creatures would be so drawn to your sweet self.

  15. I loved that! Nature Girl is so sweet, Hannah is a nature girl too, see we really should live closer to eachother! That would be soooo fun! So did a prince show up in the daylily garden? See you soon, Theresa

  16. These are fantastic photos Kate, and remind me what life is all about! Another beautiful post! Thanks so much for your support all of the time!

  17. A real life fairytale ~ And a fabulous post once again, my friend! Your photos are perfect ~ do you get paid for this? You should!
    Have a lovely night ~ Chelle

  18. Such a cute little frog! I just love spring and summer when we can get back out in our gardens. I've got to get to work on mine, the front ones look good, the back ones need work. Maybe tomorrow?

  19. Ahh, the joys of gardening! :) Your pictures are so crisp and clear...very pretty!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  20. Hi! We have skunks that wander into our yard late at night and I'm always afraid to let the dogs out. We used to have a frog who visited our front porch every night, but haven't seen him lately. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures. Have a nice day! Twyla

  21. What a great post! He is so cute and not your "typical" yard frog friend. Glad Nature Girl had a great time. Hope he continues to visit for your chats. :)

  22. Adorable little guy. So where is the picture of the Prince?

  23. What a precious little friend you made. I hope he returns to grant a few wishes someday.

  24. That is so sweet! That cute little critter isn't very far from me! Will you send him this way so Kat can kiss him?


  25. he is so little... and sweet... I want one!wonderful post! the pictures look great!

  26. Oh Kate what a delightful post!...and who wouldn't want to live in your day lily...can I book a room...or a pedal...or something soft and pink that smells on Rosie

  27. What stunning photographs Kate! They are amazing.

    What a beautiful celebration of Mother nature for earth week! Hope you find lots more of those beautiful creatures.

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,