Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been slacking in my parenting lately.

On Monday I had  five Meyer lemons.

And I thought it was rather odd when on Tuesday I only had four.

But then, when I only had three?  I started getting suspicious.  
(I know, call me Sherlock...)

  I guess I need to teach my kids the difference between a Meyer lemon and an orange!

Because, who would want to miss out on this?
Sunshine in a jar!  Yum!!!
Recipe found here


  1. a meyer's lemon is thing of beauty and
    a treasure to not be wasted on a child! :)

  2. Wow, that really is sunshine in a jar! Thanks for the link, would love to make it! xxx

  3. mmmm... What do you do with the lemon curd? What sour lips those kiddos must have after eating the lemons!

  4. Such an awful name for such a tasty treat!


  5. Hmm, your sunshine in a jar looks sunny sweet and super, Kate!

    Have a wonderful, sunny Wednesday. Sending many sunbeams your way. xoxo

  6. hee hee, too funny...your sunshine in a jar looks and sounds delicious!!!

  7. YUM! Thanks for the recipe link, I could use some sunshine ;)

  8. Yummm, I'm printing out the recipe now. I love lemon. But don't think we get the Meyer lemons here. :(

  9. What the heck is a Meyer's lemaon anyway? Looks like ...well...a lemon to me :) But your sunshine in a that is GOOD stuff!

  10. Hard to imagine growing my own lemons!

  11. Hey Kate! You just leave me the sweetest comments and I love your sweet heart so much. I'll tell you a something about that baby quilt apron in a couple of days. Am I building your curiosity? Hee-hee.

    What do you use lemon curd for. Do you eat it on toast and biscuits, or eat it by the spoonful. I've heard the name but don't know anything about it. It looks so yummy though. I'm so embarrassed I live in FL and don't have the first lemon or orange tree in my yard. Just about all my neighbors have at least one or the other or even grapefruit. Maybe when I finally get my OWN dream cottage.

    Love you honey....Tracy :)

    You most certainly are the Queen of the Aprons! That top one, from the baby quilt? It's my all time favorite! Love it!!! I love them all, those the little scotties are very sweet, but you outdid yourself on the top one!

    Glad your MIL is doing better. Hope you can get a day of peaceful sewing in!

  12. There I go again screwing things up. I really just wanted more people to read all the wonderful things you say about me. LOL. Now I am embarrassed.

    What a dope.

  13. Is that a jar of lemon curd? Oh my, I'm ready to make some now! The lemon is a multi-faceted fruit - elegantly chic and like "My Letters to Emily" said - " a thing of beauty."

    However, it becomes a piece of timeless comedy in the mouth of a child!

  14. That's funny because my youngest LOVES lemons. He just begged me to buy a big bag of them from Sam's Club so he could eat them plain. Silly boy!

    I love lemon curd but I've never made my own. Hmmmm... Something new to try!

  15. I like that sunshine in a jar maby you should start something with that...looks good!!never had lemon curd before...something new for me to try ...thanks for coming over to wish me a great week. very sweet of you(: just getting over a pretty bad flu havent been this sick in a long time...have a great week too...hugs!

  16. How I LOVE your GREAT comments, SWEET KATE !!

    Hope your week is happy and sunny! XOXO

  17. Good Morning Kate! I've bought lemon curd before and used it in a cake recipe from country living... I think it was called celebration cake, it was delicious! How do you use yours? It does look like sunshine in a jar, really delicious! As for me painting my barn, well I figured if I said it on here then there was no backing out right? I'm tackling my smaller barn though not the bigger one...yet! Happy Thursday! Theresa

  18. SO glad I found your wonderful blog today! I'm your newest follower & will be back often. I LOVE lemon curd--the recipe looks perfect!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day!