Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Newest Friends...

Look what moved into my yard this spring.
 photo coutresy of Google Images

Right under my bedroom window.

Not good.

I couldn't think of a way to get rid of them, so last night I very quietly opened my window and tried to coax them to find another  home.

I talked very sweetly to them.  


Let's just say that didn't go too well.

The only thing worse than having skunks move right under your bedroom window is getting your families underwear mixed up in the wash and not realizing it until it is too late.

Don't ask...


  1. 'Not realizing til it is too late.' this concerns me... ;)

  2. Wondering about the Undie Story... But, for the Skunks, drop Moth Balls carefully out the window, if you can..... they will leave~ but then, maybe you think Moth Balls Smell Worse than Skunk!

  3. I love so many things about America but when I hear stories like this I am so glad I live in Oz! We might have the random crocodile, spider or sting ray but they don't invade your garden like skunks. Please don't tell me you were sprayed....

    Best wishes for a great weekend Kate...if possible...with those black and white friends...


  4. Oh they are cute!
    We don't have skunks in NZ, but do they really smell? Couldn't you make it uncomfortable for them somehow?

  5. Well this news just really "stinks"-Sorry about the play on words!

    I'm just trying to keep things "brief" tonight-


  6. Very special....we have only cats and birds in our garden :-))))

    Have a nice weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid

  7. Oh wow, you wouldn't get a skunk outside your window here lol, I think that's fab..X

  8. oh boy, that doesn't sound good...i bet it didn't smell very good either...

  9. Hi Kate, Cute but a bummer, Try a bit of cyenne pepper on the ground, maybe that will work? other wise, just keep that window closed and pray they leave. I love nature but that one draws the line!!!
    Have a great weekend. Carol Mae

  10. Oh my! We threw moth balls under our shed to get rid of some unwanted rodents. That might work with your skunk friends, if you don't have pets that could get into the moth balls.

    Hope they find a new home soon!


  11. Hi Kate,

    Haha! What a sweet post. I really don't know what I would do if skunks moved in. They sure are cute though. I might try calling your local animal control. They might have some ideas for you and may even take care of it for you. :)

    You are such a doll for visiting me. I got such a giggle from your story about loosing me and finding me again. (tee hee ;) It is good to be queen isn't it? Let me know what you do with the template. I would love to see.

    Wishing you and your must sparkly fairy dust for a perfect day!

    ~Kitty Kellie

  12. Tee-Hee. We've got a friend, Kris, that we have dubbed the "skunk whisperer". Sounds like you are giving him a run for his money. LOL.

    (We call him that because he has had a lot of run-ins with skunks and never been sprayed. Once when the guys were at deer camp everyone was asleep but Kris and a skunk walked under his lawn chair while sitting by the fire, he reached down and petted it as it walked under. Kris is nuts, I would have freaked)

    But having a skunk move in by your window is better than having them under your house. That happened to us last fall. Stunk up the whole house, like eyes watering stink. It was horrible. But any skunk is horrible, hoping your new friends move away soon.

  13. They are adorable, but I understand your concern. Can animal control come out and move them someplace more appropriate? For now, just keep them calm. Play soft music and dim the lights.

  14. Really, are the really around your house. That's awesome, I mean, we do not have these cuties in our country, I believe not even in whole Europe!
    Fun post, Kate!

    Wishing you a sweetest, loveliest, happiest, most wonderful weekend!


  15. Well, at least they're cute! ;)

    I think there's a duck nest in one of my flower beds. As far as wild animals moving in on us, I think I got the better deal and you got the stinky end of the deal! :)

  16. yikes! you better run to vicky at sandflat farm to find
    out what to do with unwanted varmints!

  17. Oh no!
    Time for new underwear, eh? ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. They're so cute! Too bad they smell :( Underwear? I have to know.

  19. Hi Kate,
    I was just saying to Libbie, I can't believe so much time has gone by since I last came to visit. I'm so sorry...where does time go??

    I can't believe you have skunks!! Yikes!!! It looks like you need to go stock up on tomato juice, I hear that's the only thing that gets rid of the smell. I hope you don't get sprayed. BTW, what WERE you saying to them anyway???????HaHa
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. You are adorable! Thanks for making me laugh. Hope your friends find a new home soon! Have a great weekend!

  21. Maybe sprinkle some red pepper (cayenne) on the ground. I believe I had read that as a way to keep cats from doing you know what in the dirt! It's worth a try. So if you don't have any, order a pizza and tell them you would like some red pepper packs!

  22. Hi Auntie Cake, from my area,
    Sometime we should have a Twin Cities Blog Get-Together, do ya think? I would love to meet others. I know Kari and Jennifer are here, as well as Renee, who was my swap partner. Then we could post it on our sites...Hooray!!!

  23. laughing.....skunks and underwear. hmmmm, I see a story a'coming-on. What repels skunks??? Sweet stuff???

  24. Skunks! Yikes! I had a boss who went to great lengths to get rid of the critters! An entire family of them moved underneath his house. He ended up gassing them because no one would help including the humane society or animal control! When they get agitated they spray and he said half of their home was unlivable due to the constant smell! But you could write a great story about the whole thing! Best wishes with the new neighbors! Hugs Anne

  25. Hi Kate! I just remembered (when I saw you on somebody's blogroll) that I never came over to tell you that I visited your sister's blog & saw the post about you playing football. You go Girl!!!! That's awesome!

    I mentioned the Minnesota Vixens to my son & he said "I've heard they're a tough team!" That's some high should be very proud. On a sad note, Clifton suffered a torn ACL in his second game of the season. True to form, he kept a positive outlook about it but he says he's done playing football. Says he's tired of being hurt...can't say that I blame him, after all he's been through. ;o)

    BTW I'm honored to find myself on your blogroll...thank you!

  26. This post cracked me up. When I was a girl, my friend's dog got skunked. I will never forget the smell......they covered the dog with Chanel No. 5 to try to get rid of it!! Can you imagine how that smelled?



  27. I am so happy to see skunks visit my patio, occasionally. They are strikingly marked. They don't bother us and we don't bother them, and they have visited for many years. Just don't leave dog or cat food outside, they like that.

  28. Good luck getting rid of them...they are pretty cute though......hugs my friend. xoxo

  29. Cute little skunks! We've got them here too but they're not right by the house, just out in the woods/pasture. I can smell them when I walk with the dogs on the trails. Thankfully we haven't scared one up yet when we're out walking. I know neither of the dogs would be smart enough to back off until it was too late!

    I hope they find another more appropriate place to live!

  30. Hey Miss Kake!
    I am not able to do entourage for some reason. Write me at
    Maybe early summer?

  31. Those last three are numbers "002".

  32. MAYBE you should have tossed some of the undies out to the skunks...that might have scared them away. Okay...this is serious! What are you going to do? Are there skunk traps?

  33. OH Lord have mercy honey what are you going to do! This is not good not good at all. Please tell me they are gone by now and all the underwear is where it belongs..hahaha
    I sure have things going on out here on the North Forty but thank goodness it has not been any skunks under my sorry honey you dealing with this problem.
    Too bad Ms Pearl is not there but then she might get us all sprayed.

  34. One time a few years ago, Bob forgot to close the basement doors out at the farmhouse. By morning, a family of dysfunctional skunks had moved in. All those people did was fight and knock things over. It was like Jerry Springer for skunks down there.

    Bob then got the brilliant idea to send our Coonhound dog down there because that girl was racist. She hated skunks! Saddenly, Bob didn't think the plan through as in what the entire house would smell like when the skunks fought back. It wasn't pretty.

  35. Bonjour Kate,
    Oh my, looks like you have two huge problems you dealing with - skinks and mixed up undies! Easy does it and don't get sprayed.
    I just found your sister Libbie's great blog. How nice that both of you blog.
    Wishing you a happy week and good luck with everything!

  36. Hey Kate! Look at all the comments on this post. Wow. I guess we can all empathize with a you over a skunk story. Don't they look cute in the photos, misleading isn't it?

    I sent you something last week. Did it make it there yet? I guess the mail is as slow as I am.

    Smiles and hugs...Tracy :)

  37. Hello New Friend! I found you through French Charming's the necklace you sent her!!! I love your blog and look forward to reading more.

    I think the underwear mixup might make for a lovely blog tale. :)

    The chandelier you snagged from your mom is just perfect. You can wear your Dumpster Diver card with pride over this one.

  38. They look so cute!!! I've never seen or smelt one in real life before - we don't have them here down under! Unfortunately, I have loads of bats in my yard each night eating palm tree seeds. They are incredibly noisy and messy :-(
    Nice to find you!
    Cheers, Karen

  39. Hello Ms. Kate,

    Hows the new family outside your window doing? (tee hee :) Hopefully they aren't causing too much trouble. Sending magic and inspiration to you and your muse for a day full of creative delight.

    Thank you so much for popping over. It's such a pleasure to read your nice comments. Well, toodles for now.

    Hugs! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  40. they are pretty cute...its to bad they smell so bad...very cute post... you always share great posts...

  41. Oh my goodness! Skunks outside your bedroom...not good.

    I hope they don't spray while they're visiting.

    Are you going to try the mothball idea that one of your follower's suggested? Sounds like it might work.

    But the underwear mixup? You gotta tell all, ok?

    Hey, just want you to know that you're a sweetie pie. I mean a real sweet cupcake. Seriously, thank you helping me during this tough time.

    Lots of love and always

    Sweet dreams.

  42. Thanks for popping over for a for your fury new friend, that's another matter...moth balls do sorry for your plight...but it does make for an entertaining on Rosie

  43. Awww... I would love to keep them.