Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Back!

After spending a great week with the family, we are getting back to normal our regular routine.  I am back to cooking, cleaning toilets and being the taxi driver, and the kids are doing their thing.  Poor Big Fireman is back at work.  (I can't feel too sorry for him as he loves his job and it doesn't involve cleaning toilets...)

Thanks so much for leaving sweet comments on my last post.  It was so wonderful to turn on the computer and see all your well wishes.  Truly wonderful, you all are so sweet! I missed you, but we had a great week, it was fun to spend some family time together.  We don't get that as much as we would like with this crazy world we live in. 

I got a ton of emails asking about our Easter pictures.  Being the scatterbrained mom that I am, or rather, the mom of three teenagers who have to be threatened in order to have their picture taken, I will leave you with my lone Easter shot.  

I will warn you, it's not for the sentimental or the faint-of-heart.  

Look what I caught...


Happy Spring!


  1. What a lovely easter bunny! Good to hear you had a great week!

    Warm regards, Ingrid

  2. Hey Kate ~ Glad Your Back & Happy to hear You had Wonderful Family time..... but We Did Miss You ~ Now you will need to spend an entire day, Catching Up, I still feel like I am behind, but slowly getting with the program... well I am off to the post office, I actually sold several things on Etsy this week, happy about that & super happy that after being a member for 2 years, that I FINALLY figured it out & Listed a bunch of Stuff - Yes, I am STILL Clearing Out & Organizing My Studio (lots more STUFF to list) Yes, I WILL one of these days, take the After Photos & Show You all I have done!
    I Promise

    Have a Great Week Dear Friend

  3. Glad you had a great time and are back safe and sound in the land of dirty toilets. Good thing you caught the Easter Bunny. If he had been found in Oklahoma, it would have been BBQ time. Never trust an Okie with a gun around bunnies.

  4. So glad you had a wonderful week with family...that bunny image really is adorable. xoxo Hope the sun is shinning brightly in your part of the world today.

  5. Glad you are back. We missed you!

  6. Warm welcome back, sweet friend! Great catch, that bunny is too cute!

    Have a happy week! xoxo

  7. Too cute! Glad you are back and that you had a wonderful time.

    ~ Tracy

  8. So glad you're back, Kate. You were missed!!! Hope you had some time to rest, relax & enjoy your family.

  9. So that is where that little rascal is! We are coming over to visit him!

  10. Cool picture! I'm visualizing Little Fireman with his leprechaun net. Next he'll be trying for turkeys and then Santa! Welcome back to the real world, where dirty thrones reign...

  11. Tee-Hee! Glad you're back! Hope your week is great!

  12. Hope you had a great break, Kate. We didn't make it to the beach...long story...but we have been having a lovely holiday.

    Don't work too hard...the laundry can wait!

    Best wishes,

  13. Thank you so much for your sweet caring comment you left me today about my daughter's migraines...she does love to have her feet rubbed....never thought to do it while she has one of her migraines...great idea. xoxo She is feeling much better for now..did get lots of wonderful suggestions so will take them to heart. Hugs again for your kindness. xoxo

  14. hi there Kate:) welcome back!!! i'm glad that you had such a wonderful Easter...i just love that bunny, what a cute picture!!!

  15. Only you could catch the Easter Bunny....how funny is this picture. So happy that you had a week with the family...those times are priceless.
    Dallas is maybe a four hour drive from me. I am trying my best to see about getting off and coming to your game. However I would love to go to one of your home games more. Who knows as crazy as I am I could show up anytime there cheering you along with Libbie.
    Have you wrote your Blogazine story yet. hahaha
    My granddaughter Kaci saw your heart and rose in my bedroom Saturday while she was here and fell in love with it. That girl does not miss anything beautiful. lol

  16. Welcome back! I'm new! I discovered you via Karen's blog (I love the black necklace that you sent to her!)