Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wonderful Surprise!

I opened my mailbox the other day to the most wonderful surprise!  This girl, Tracy, from cottonpickincute sent me a box to-end-all-boxes.  I mean, the girl spoiled me rotten!

Sorry for the poor pictures, it's really hard to take good shots when one is dancing around.

I mean, just look at what was in there!!!

Look at the beautiful packaging! 
(Okay, I totally have to confess... My grandma used to save wrapping paper from Christmas, and then she would iron it for use at a later date.  Yeah- we totally made fun of her for that, even though we loved her dearly...  She was a wonderful grandma, but ironing wrapping paper to a kid is kind of out there.  Well, guess who is now not only ironing that original letter from the 1940's but going to make copies of it too?  Just a warning, never make fun of grandma!!!)
To totally understand and appreciate this package, you have to read here.  It's a tribute to my dreams...
Little did Tracy know that I was actually thinking I could resurrect a discus for my attempt.   Guess who was the champion discus thrower in the family?  ( Yes Libbie was pretty good also)
The fact that my abs look remarkably similar to that in the statue is purely a coincidence...

Adorable handmade owl, love those eyes!
And the details on these bookmarks, could they be any sweeter?  And does Tracy know how much I love to read? 
Can you believe the fabulous apron? 
(I snagged the pic from her site as she took a much better picture than I did.  Thanks Tracy!!!)

It was the most thoughtful package that I have ever received.  There was also a CD, some soap, the sweetest letter and a darling little bottle of lavender.  The details Tracy put into this package are stunning.  Gotta love that girl!  She sure knows how to make a girl feel special!



  1. Aw, what a sweet package, but you are MOST deserving & then some, sweet Kate. BTW, my abs look so much like that, too (NOT!!!). You are a very lovely friend, although I've not the honor to see you face to face.

    P.S. Thanks for the thoughts for Mama.

  2. Kake,

    What a great partner. Stop over sometime and see the Petite Nesting Boxes I received. Really lovely and full of beautifully packaged goods!

    I will write you more on ideas I have had for a blog party soon. I mean, if Georgia can do it, so can we!


  3. Aaaahhhh Sweetie Katie. You make me blush and put tears in my eyes. You know how much you mean to me. It's little in comparison to how you had my back when I needed you most.

    Love ya girl....Tracy :)

  4. What a beautiful gifts, I can imagine you are so happy! Enjoy it!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  5. what a wonderful package you got in the mail Kate...i just love that owl, what a cutie!!!

  6. Everything looks so so fabulous, Kate. Do enjoy all of it! These bookmarks are amazingly cute!!

    Have a happy day with a lot of sunshine. xoxoxo

  7. Soooo lovely...ah I adore friends. Have a great day today...sweet one. xoxo

  8. And if that little owl goes missing...well don't look here!!! :)

  9. How lucky! This is a real nice package! I love the paper she used to wrap the gift! I'm looking for some ...Thanks for your comment!
    Have a terrific week!